Delhi Is Now Getting Govt Services Home-Delivered. Here Is How

Delhi Is Now Getting Govt Services Home-Delivered. Here Is How

Delhi Is Now Getting Govt Services Home-Delivered. Here Is How

After the Delhi government launched home delivery of as many as 40 services in September last year, it plans to add another 30 starting February 1. A move termed by the Arvind Kejriwal-led government as a revolutionary change in governance, the number of such services is expected to touch the 100 mark in the coming months.

While the complete list of new services will be announced later, it is expected to include the grant of a license to a contractor under the labour department, the addition of members in ration card, change of address, transfer of ration cards within Delhi, et cetera.

What are the services you could avail of?

Seven departments of the Delhi government — revenue, transport, water, food & supplies, social welfare, SC/ST/OBC/minorities welfare and labour —will be offering home-delivery delivery of their services. Among the key services that are on offer include delivery of driving licence and marriage registration certificate. You could also use these services to apply for a water connection or a Lal Dora Certificate.

Here is the full list of services, department-wise:

Revenue department (15)

Caste certificate for OBCs

Caste certificate for SCs

Caste certificate for STs

Domicile certificate

Income certificate

Delayed birth order

Delayed death order

Lal Dora certificate

Land status report

Permanent identity card for specially-abled people

Record of rights

Solvency certificate

Surviving member certificate

Marriage registration certificate

Civil defence volunteer enrolment certificate

Transport department (11)

Duplicate vehicle registration certificate (RC)

Change of address in RC

Transfer of ownership

Hypothecation addition

Hypothecation termination

No-objection certificate

Learners licence

Driving licence

Driving licence renewal

Duplicate driving licence

Change of address in driving licence

Delhi Jal Board (4)

Water/sewer connection




Food & supplies department (2)

Priority household card

Member detail update in priority household card

Social welfare department (3)

Family Benefit Scheme

Handicap pension scheme

Grievance on old-age pension scheme

SC/ST/OBC/minorities welfare department (3)

Financial assistance for purchase of stationery

Reimbursement of tuition fee


Labour department (2)

Approval of installation of passenger lift, shaft and machine room

Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 

How to go about it?

Dial 1076, let the call centre assistant know what services you want home delivered and provide your details. Following which, a mobile sahayak appointed to you will visit your residence and collect the required documents, which could be submitted online as well as in physical form. You will get the information about your sahayak through SMS.

Apart from collecting documents, your mobile sahayak will also do your biometric authentication.

Do note here that that doorstep delivery of services will be provided from 8 am to 10 pm while the call centre will function round-the-clock. In case you get a call wait, you will get a call back. You could also give your feedback on the services. In fact, The CM has asked the media to highlight discrepancies in the implementation of the scheme so that the government could ratify them in the next 10-15 days.

Apart from the standard fee for each of these services, a person will have to pay Rs 50 to get them home delivered. You could pay the fee in cash or through online channels, depending on the sort of service you are applying for.

After the mobile shayak submits all your information in the system, you will keep getting updates on your mobile through SMSs.

With inputs from Housing News

Last Updated: Mon Jan 21 2019

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