Delhi May Get Its First ‘Green’ Budget

Delhi May Get Its First ‘Green’ Budget

Delhi May Get Its First ‘Green’ Budget

The rising pollution levels in the National Capital Region is no news. Taking lives of many and leaving many suffering from pollution-related ailments, Delhi is now working towards a Budget that would bring forth multi-department action plan to tackle the menace. Here’s what could be the possible measures we could see in what is being mulled as Delhi’s first ‘green’ Budget to be tabled on February 22:

What to expect

*Generators have been a cause of air pollution in Delhi so much so that the government banned the use of diesel-based ones. In order to do away with the pollution-causing generators, the government plans to promote CNG-based alternate.

*To ensure transparency, the government may hire a third party to audit polluting industries and their switchover to Piped Natural Gas (PNG).

*In this Budget that will be a multi-department action plan, the government is expected to conduct a real-time source apportionment study. Under this, the government will look for machines that could be used to detect the many sources of pollution. This will help the government to take prompt action. This study will be conducted in collaboration with the University of Washington.

*The environment department of the Delhi government could propose the fast tracking of adoption of clean tandoors.

*The transport department may announce more electric buses, promoting smaller electric vehicles and also, strengthening of pollution under control (PUC) system.

*From the power department a special policy mechanism/incentives may be announced to promote adoption of solar energy in the public works departments (PWD), schools and hospitals.

With this action plan, the government aims to make a "good impact" on controlling pollution in the next two years.

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Last Updated: Mon Mar 12 2018

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