Everything You Want To Know About Tribeca Trump Towers, Gurgaon

Everything You Want To Know About Tribeca Trump Towers, Gurgaon

Everything You Want To Know About Tribeca Trump Towers, Gurgaon

Outside the United States, India happens to be the biggest market for The Trump Organization, the company that is led by his elder son after Donald Trump was elected the President of that country in late 2016. And, the junior Trump, who holds the position of the executive vice-president in the company, is mincing no words while conveying how important India is for his brand.

When he arrived in India on February 20, he declared the country was "substantially above board" for business compared to China.

"As a businessman, I feel things here are substantially more above board … I think the mentality of the people is the same. I think there is probably little bit more honesty," Trump Jr told a gathering of senior editors who joined him in conversation to talk about his company’s plans for India.

The new wave of reforms, said Trump, would open up the country to much more outside investment from places such as the US. While stating that he was not a newcomer and was aware of the changes that took place in Indian in the past decade, Trump Jr said they "will be very positive for the country".

On February 23, the US President’s son will address a summit that would have in attendance among the other high-profile guests Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, you too could get a change to dine a converse with the man if you are able to book a home in Gurgaon’s Tribeca Trump Towers, at Sector 65, Gurgaon. Another dinner is also planned for buyers of the Trump-branded home in Kolkata—according to media reports 65 per cent of the homes in the Trump project which Trump is building with Unimark Group, Tribeca Developers and RDB Group is already sold.  We are certain you got the invitation that came as a large spread on the front pages of India’s leading newspapers.

“Trump is here. Are you invited?”

“Trump has arrived. Have you?”

They read.

In January, plans were made to invite 100 buyers to New York to have a dinner date with Trump Jr. It is not yet clear whether that date is being cancelled for the ones in India.

"With its stunning architecture, beautiful interior options and lavish amenity spaces, our goal was to bring the best of the Trump brand and luxury living to Gurgaon," Trump Jr had earlier said.

In case the offer is too good to ignore and you would not want to miss the opportunity to dine with Trump Jr or to enjoy the luxuries of living his brand is known for, here is a primer for you of the project you are going to invest in.

The builders: First things first, The Trump Organization is not building the Gurgaon project; they only provide brand licence to local players to do the job for them. To build the Gurgaon project, The Trump Organisation has signed licensing pacts with M3M and Tribeca Developers.

-M3M India has provided the land and would develop the project

-Tribeca will market this project

-The Trump Organisation has only lent its name.

Units and area: Standing tall at 600 foot, there are going to be two shimmering glass-façade 47-storey towers at the projects, offering a total of 254 units. Configured in 3BHK and 4BHK sizes, these homes will be spread between 3,500 sqft and 6,000 sqft.

The location: When you talk of Gurgaon Sector 65, you are talking about the best of everything that Gurgaon as a real estate market offers you. Located close to the Golf Course Extension Road, the area offers you the connectivity only a buyer of a luxury project can afford. Data available with PropTiger.com show average rate of property at this location is Rs 10,500 per sqft.

Ticket size: To book a home here, you need to have a minimum of Rs 5.5 crore. Prices might go up to Rs 11 crore. According to M3M India Director Pankaj Bansal, the Trump name allows developers to charge a premium that is no less than 40 per cent. This means similar properties would cost you 40 per cent less sans the Trump name. 

Launch and completion: The project was launched on January 10 this year. The work would start in March, and is scheduled for completion in March 2023.

The amenities: We are speaking of uber luxury here-- it took two years only to design this project that has been built keeping high-net-worth individuals and non-resident Indians customers in mind.So, you get to experience facilities suited to the title. The key highlights of the amenities include

*A temperature-controlled indoor pool

*A spa and fitness centre with sauna, steam and massage rooms

*A library

*A fine-dining restaurant

*A business centre

*In-residence catering services

*Concierge services

*24-hour doorman

*Valet parking

*A 9-hole golf course, etc.

Private elevators and floor-to-ceiling windows are some of the other features that are going to temp you.


-The US real estate giant has a total of four projects in India (one each in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata and Gurgaon). The one in the Millennium City will be the largest of the four, and it being built at an estimated cost of Rs 1,200 crore. This excludes the land cost.

-The group entered India’s real estate market in 2014. The total revenue potential of the four projects of the group is estimated at $1.5 billion. According to The New York Times, the Trump family has earned $3 million in royalties in 2016 from ventures in India.

-The group will soon launch a fifth commercial office project in Gurgaon.

- While he is here, Trump Jr will also visit Pune and Mumbai. His company launched its first and second projects in the two cities, respectively.

 With inputs from Housing News

Last Updated: Sat Feb 24 2018

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