Cash-Hit NDMC Will Rent Community Centres For Holding Wedding Parties, Social Events

Cash-Hit NDMC Will Rent Community Centres For Holding Wedding Parties, Social Events

Cash-Hit NDMC Will Rent Community Centres For Holding Wedding Parties, Social Events

At a time when the Central government is putting additional pressure on the urban-local bodies to become more efficient and citizen-friendly, cash-strapped municipal bodies in Delhi finding it particularly hard to obey the directive. Their financial condition has been bad since their inception – the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was trifurcated in 2012 into east, north and south Delhi municipal corporations. The financial state of east and north Delhi bodies has been prominently poor. For instance, in the first two years after the trifurcation, the NDMC had a deficit of Rs 514 core and Rs 885 crore, respectively.

Recently, the NDMC have been launching measure to get better. In its recently presented Budget, it proposed to hike property tax rates in the area. Now, the local body plans to make use of its underutilised community centres to generate revenues.

What is the plan?

Of its 122 community centres that are spread across five zones, the NDMC will be renting upper floors of 42 buildings to be used as banquet halls. Under a cluster project that would amount to the urban local body earnings an estimated annual revenue of Rs 12.6 crore, the NDMC will be leasing first, second and third floors of these community centres to private players for monthly licence fee.

While the areas under the NDMC are divided into five zones, the community centres available on rent are divided into three clusters. Now, citizens will have access to 17 community centres in the Rohini area, 13 community centres in the Civil Lines area and 12 community centres in the Karol Bagh area.

How does it help you?

Those living in Delhi have to pay through their noses to book marriage halls and banquet halls to organise wedding parties or other such functions. In case you are eying central locations in an area, the rent might run into lakhs of rupees. Hiring a community centre for the job, on the other hand, would look dirt cheap in comparison.

To rent the ground floor of the community centre at Moti Nagar, for instance, you will be spending only Rs 16,010 (Rs 10,000 in rent+Rs 1,500 sanitation charge+Rs 500 tent licence and Rs 10 service charge). You are also required to pay Rs 10,000 in security deposit that is refundable. Rates for hiring community halls in the area range between Rs 2,200 and Rs 15,000.

It is worth mentioning here that the community centres will be available only for wedding parties, and cultural & social events. 

Last Updated: Wed Mar 28 2018

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