Can Give 56 crore Litres of Treated Water to Haryana, Says Delhi CM

Can Give 56 crore Litres of Treated Water to Haryana, Says Delhi CM

Can Give 56 crore Litres of Treated Water to Haryana, Says Delhi CM

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, on July 8, 2019, floated the idea that Delhi could give Haryana over 56 crore litres of treated water every day for irrigation purposes, in exchange for the same amount of drinking water daily. Kejriwal proposed the idea when he was laying the foundation stone for India's largest sewage treatment plant at Okhla. The plant, when completed, can treat up to 56.4 crore litres of wastewater per day.

"If we release 56.4 crore litres of water into the Yamuna, it will flow downstream into the part of Haryana that is woefully short of water for irrigation. If Haryana reciprocates and releases an equal amount of water downstream to Delhi, from the northern part of the river, it will satisfy the city's drinking water needs, as well. This could be hugely beneficial for both the states," he said.

On groundwater depletion, Kejriwal said, "There are only two solutions before us: Water recycling and recharge. Delhi's population is increasing rapidly. It does not have a water source of its own and depends on Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Together with the centre, we are working on a massive groundwater recharge programme in the Yamuna floodplains.

"Every monsoon, the Yamuna overflows and all that water is wasted. Several studies, including one by IIT-Delhi, show that if we are able to conserve that water, it will satisfy Delhi's drinking water needs for the entire year. This year, we proposed a small pilot for this project and we needed permissions from the centre, to go ahead with it. Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and the central government have been very supportive on this front."

Kejriwal said Delhi's Coronation Plant, was the first experiment in the country, akin to how Singapore treats its water. "Treated water will flow into the Yamuna at Palla and will be collected at Wazirabad. The water will get naturally treated due to the river flow and this experiment has tremendous potential to meet India's water needs," he said.

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Last Updated: Mon Jul 15 2019

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