104 NDMC Wards Announced Open Defecation-Free

104 NDMC Wards Announced Open Defecation-Free

104 NDMC Wards Announced Open Defecation-Free

In a press conference held at the national capital's Civic Centre, North Delhi Mayor Preety Agarwal announced that all 104 wards of the NDMC were now open defecation-free. "From December 31, 2017, now all 104 wards under the jurisdiction of the NDMC are open defecation-free. North corporation has adequate number of community and public toilets as per the yardsticks of the Swachh Bharat Mission," she said.

In order to promote this further, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) is now planning to carry out a feasibility survey to assess if public toilets in its area can be opened during night time.

There are 314 community toilet complexes (CTCs), with 3,508 seats for men and 3,232 seats for women. Besides, there are total of 2,063 seats of men and 3,256 seats for women available in public toilets, including the ones at petrol pumps, restaurants, Metro stations and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) markets falling in the areas under the jurisdiction of the corporation.

According to Agarwal, due to security, the NDMC keeps the toilets closed at night. "But, we will do a feasibility survey to see if we can have security measures and keep the toilet open at night, too, so that people can benefit from it," the mayor said.

NDMC officials informed that of the total number, 10 new toilet blocks were those which had been newly-built while other facilities have been upgraded. For offenders, urinating or defecating in open, NDMC runs the 'Roko Toko Seeti Bajao' campaign.

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Last Updated: Wed Jan 03 2018

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