Your Feng Shui Guide To A Perfect Study Corner

Your Feng Shui Guide To A Perfect Study Corner

Your Feng Shui Guide To A Perfect Study Corner

Life as a student is challenging. It takes months of hard work and persistence to achieve results. So, it is essential to have a comfortable study environment that reflects positivity and kindles wisdom and creativity.

Feng Shui principles help in driving out the Sha Chi (attacking) and Si Chi (low) energy and aid in attracting the good (chi) energy. This ancient Chinese art of harmonising energies, help in creating a balanced setting for ensuring good fortune and success for students.

MakaaniQ brings you quick tips to reorganise your study room, for enhancing your concentration levels.

Tip 1: Keep it clutter-free

The first step towards having an ideal student corner is to do away with the accumulating junk. Do not leave things strewn on the table as they will attract negative 'chi' energy. Organise the space by discarding old papers, notes or files you no longer require. De-cluttering is believed to bring the much-wanted education luck by catching good vibes that stimulate creative ideas. Remove any sharp or piercing objects as they can create poison arrows of energy, which are harmful.

Tip 2: Aptly place the study table

The study table is your work temple and thus, must be placed to attract positive energies. Do not place it in middle of the room nor facing the wall as it symbolises obstacles in one's career. It should not even face the door as it would make the 'qi' unstable, tempting you to move out of the place and play. Position the study desk in the northeast corner with good support for your chair or keep it towards the right of the window. Hang a mirror on the left side, if there is no window.

Tip 3: Choose the right colour scheme

Colours have an impact on brain activity. Design the study area in neutral shades of grey and white as these colours symbolise the metal element. Metal elements dominate qualities like precision and mental clarity. Alternative choices could be blue or black that depict water. These colours are believed to enhance concentration. Avoid darker tones in the room.

Tip 4: Accessorise your space

Feng Shui symbols and elements have certain magical powers. Metal elements like wind chimes or tubular bells not only give a decorative touch to the study space but are effective in repelling negative energies. A crystal sphere near the main window will activate 'chi'. Having the Amethyst Tree in northeast corner of the study table is said to increase retentiveness. Hematite, crystal ball, the jade pagoda and the laughing Buddha, are other Feng Shui objects which could be placed in the room.

Tip 5: Install bright lighting

Feng Shui emphasises on creating a well-lit room to eliminate darkness. Set lamps on either side of your desk for optimum brightness. Ensure that the lighting is gentle and not hard on your eyes. Fluorescent lighting fixtures are not recommended.

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Last Updated: Mon Sep 24 2018

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