Why We Must Adorn Our Homes With Art

Why We Must Adorn Our Homes With Art

Why We Must Adorn Our Homes With Art

For most of us who did not go to art schools or are not well-versed with the many nuances of it, the whole purpose of investing in say, a painting, is purely decorative most of the times. Little do we know that the drawing that we bought based on the bright colours and beautiful figures will offer us more than we can ever imagine; it's not for nothing that the rich and famous of this world invest their fortunes in buying art and preserving it.

Here is why you must invest in art and while at it put a little thought into the process:

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

I live alone and after a bad day at work all I want to do is to go home and sulk in private. However, that beautiful ballerina painting that I have hung in my living room changes my mood instantly. It inspires me to put on my new dress and indulge myself in some retail therapy. Life is full of beautiful things. I do not have a reason to fester and turn all negative about just a day at work. 

Life is all about learning new things

I did not put much thought into it when I invested in a painting by a famous artist. All I wanted to do was to impress my friend and colleagues. However, when my friend started a conversation around the painter and the beauty of the piece while I listened on with a confused grin, I found it necessary to find out more about the subject. I learnt new things for I own an intriguing artefact. 

Because you are class apart

You want 'you' written all over your place and there is no better way to do so than expressing it through a piece of art. It's not the fancy sofas or the glittering chandeliers that will set you apart from the crowd; your neighbour might have invested even more heavily in this stuff. It's that beautiful painting that defines your and differentiates you. 

Last Updated: Mon Oct 24 2016

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