Why Living With Your Best Friends Is An Incredible Idea

Why Living With Your Best Friends Is An Incredible Idea

Why Living With Your Best Friends Is An Incredible Idea

Living in a city away from home, you would want to share your temporary resident with like-minded people. There are times when we get stuck with roommates we don't know of and who do not contribute to the residence, do not help in daily chores and also, are not an emotional support.

In such a scenario, friends can be your best roommates. From letting you in the home at three in the morning to having never ending conversations, and enjoying your meals together, living with your besties can be an experience.

MakaanIQ lists reasons why there isn't a better alternative to having your best buddies as roommates:

Boring chores are now fun

One of the best things when living together with your best friends is that all those boring daily chores don't seem to bore you any more. You have a partner that will make these errands fun. Whether it is cleaning, grocery shopping or a call for repair; all of it is now easy and fun.

Complete access to each other's wardrobes

As friends we love to share not only thoughts but also clothes. So, living together comes with a perk of getting into each other's wardrobe and you instantly double up the clothes and footwear you have. And, what more if your friend has an amazing fashion sense you are in for some style for yourself.

But, follow this one rule. If you come across anything in your friend's wardrobe that is brand new avoid being the first one to wear it to work or even try it on.

Sharing thoughts

Whether it is a recent breakup or you have had a bad day at work, your best friends have always been there to listen to it all.

Having a friend like this to go back every evening is sure a thing you would wish for. They have your back everyday.

You are up to date with each other's lives

Living together with your friends gives you the freedom to be around each other every time. Those heart to heart conversations bring you much closer and you know all their likes, dislikes and weird habits.

Nobody is judgmental

When you share a home with your best friends they know exactly what to expect from you as a roommate as they are familiar with your habits and schedule and vice-versa.  

A random roommate might not appreciate your dishes in the sink after a long day but a bestie won't mind that much.

Last Updated: Thu Mar 02 2017

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