Why Is Vastu More Popular Today Than Ever?

Why Is Vastu More Popular Today Than Ever?

Why Is Vastu More Popular Today Than Ever?
Vastu primarily deals with architecture of various kinds. (Wikipedia)

Among the many unique selling points (we know them as USPs) of their projects, real estate developers offer boast of them being Vastu compliant. This is not just an exercise to pad up the text in marketing and branding brochures. This does help developers make the desired impact. Buyers of today are well sensitised about the many benefits of living in Vastu-complaint houses.  Vastu, a science and an art that deals with matter of building and architecture, is an old Indian tradition which seems to be have become more relevant today.

Why is that?

A house is not about bricks and walls; it is majorly about security, peace and well being. We live in times when our busy and stressful lifestyle takes a toll on our personal relationships. We would love to live in a house where positive energies flow, nourishing our family ties and personal relationships. We would only be overeager to adopt a science that would help us achieve that.

Vastu, for instance, says that people residing on upper floors of an apartment are deprived of the benefits of the jal tatva or water element. This could block the flow of positive energies, and have a direct effect on relationships, academics or career. In your knowledge, would you let the water flow adversely impact your relations? Of course not!

Finding the fault

Not long back, people in India bought a little plot and constructed a beautiful home. They had the liberty to carry out the entire process keeping Vastu guidelines in focus. A buyer, who believed in Vastu, would simply refuse to buy a plot that has a certain shape, which, according to Vastu, may be inauspicious. An entrance will not be made in a direction, which, according to Vastu, would lead to negative energies flowing into your sweet home. Basically, every care could be taken to build a Vastu-complaint home. Things have changed now.

We live in times when the apartment culture is in vogue. To pick a property of our choice, we do go and examine the physical wellness of the said property. It would be based on this physical inspection that we would decide to pick or lose the property. However, there is hardly a way to ensure that the more subtle aspects involved in construction have been taken care of by the developer while building the project. A buyer would simply prefer to be sure in this respect, too. Even if a Vastu-compliant property costs more when compared to similar units, buyers are likely to be willing to take the additional burden. This may save them from much trouble in future.

In case a buyer knows nothing about the Vastu of a property, he may have to hire an expert to find our whether his house is subject to a Vastu defect. As Vastu is not only about letting you know about the defects but also about the remedies to deal with those defects, you could still make a change.

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Last Updated: Fri Aug 26 2022

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