Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth To Your Home

Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth To Your Home

Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth To Your Home

Although it is often said that money cannot buy happiness, we cannot deny the fact that it does play an important role in our life. Finances help us get access to the basic needs and a fulfilling lifestyle. We all strive to earn more money to provide a comfortable life for our family.

Ancient Indian philosophies have set certain principles that can truly alter or activate our luck. Vastu Shastra is one of the most widely-accepted systems, not only for creating a positive environment but also to bring more wealth and happiness in a household. Houses which are Vastu-compliant automatically attract positive energies and money.

MakaaniQ presents a comprehensive Vastu guide recommended by experts, to attract wealth and prosperity:

The north direction

This direction is ruled by the God of wealth Kuber and should be well-maintained in order to activate the forces that drive cash flow. Design a locker room here but ensure the locker doors open towards the north. Add blue or yellow hues to this corner of the house. Ensure you leave enough open spaces especially on the north-east side for wealth and abundance in the house. Make sure there are no obstructions such as heavy objects or trees in the north as they can hamper the inflow of energies and money.

House entrance

Positive energies and finances both enter from the main entrance of the house. Make this space Vastu-compliant. The entry to the house should be in the north or east directions. Adorn the area with religious symbols or an image of goddess Lakshmi. Keep your house, particularly the entrance, clean and clutter-free. Building a raised threshold is regarded auspicious.  

Plants and flowers

Certain plants like bamboo, lotus and tulsi stand out among others when it comes to catching positive energies and good luck. Money Plant is another amazing indoor plant that is quite popular. It should be placed in the south-east or north corner of the living room. Create an arrangement of fresh and colourful flowers. Use a green or blue flower vase for the north or north-east corner and yellow flower vase for the south-west corner. Plants like Purple Orchids or purple-coloured pots enhance positivity as the colour symbolises wealth.

Water features

Vastu explains about the connect between the flow of water and finances. Any kind of plumbing defect like a leaking tap indicates financial loss. Add water décor items like a bowl of fresh water filled with flowers at the entrance or an aquarium in the north or east corner. Moving fishes keep the positive energies alive and maintain financial stability. Movement of water represents the flow of positive energies and wealth, hence do allow stagnant water to create any obstruction.

Paintings and décor items

Paintings, artwork, showpieces or statues not just augment the beauty of a house, they also influence aspects of life like finance, relationships and health. Paintings of a waterfall, a flowing river or a goldfish attract wealth. For enhanced career opportunities, hang paintings of an endless path, foreign currency, flying birds and racing bikes or cars. Similarly, make the best use of tortoise figurines, Buddha statues and Ganesha idol which are sources of peace, harmony and good luck. Hanging wind chimes welcomes wealth into the house.

Structural defects

Structural defects from Vastu perspective like a cut or an extension or any other Vastu Dosha creates an imbalance in the environment. For instance, south-west cut in the house leads to unnecessary expenditure. Steps between the dining room and living room cause financial instability. This can be rectified by placing Tulsi Plants at each step. Take measures to resolve the Vastu defects by consulting an expert and let the lord of wealth bestow you with prosperity.

Last Updated: Wed Nov 03 2021

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