How To Perform Ganesh Chaturthi Puja, The Vastu Way

How To Perform Ganesh Chaturthi Puja, The Vastu Way

How To Perform Ganesh Chaturthi Puja, The Vastu Way

Ganesh Chaturthi, an event we all look forward to every year, is associated with grand decorations and elaborate pujas and rituals that take place for 10 days, which concludes with the immersion of Lord Ganesh's idol. While all of us do like to join the community celebration, we also invariably celebrate the festival personally. If you have planned to bring home an idol of Lord Ganesh but are not sure about the associated customs, here are some Vastu tips you could follow: 

Choose the right place

Start with creating a clutter-free corner in the northeast direction of your house. Known as the Ishaan corner, the northeast direction is the best location for the installation of any deity. Another ideal spot for keeping the deity would be in the east or the west direction.

Prepare an altar

It should be noted that the deity should always be placed on a raised platform, preferably on a wooden plank covered with a clean white fabric. Deck up the space with fresh flower garlands. Make sure you arrange for items such as turmeric and sandalwood paste, Kumkum, lamps, a kalash containing rice or holy water, rangoli and other paraphernalia associated with the puja.

Position the idol

The right orientation of the deity in relation to its surroundings kindles auspicious and positive vibrations bringing along success and happiness for the family. The Ganesha idol should be positioned with its back, which indicates poverty, facing an outside wall of the house. Devotees who are offering prayers to the lord must face positive directions like north or east and avoid facing south direction.

Things to avoid

Do not position the deity in the south direction, under a staircase, near the bathroom or facing one, across a wall that is attached to a bathroom or even inside bedrooms. Avoid keeping multiple idols.

 Types of idols

 It is believed that placing images or idols of Ganesh absorbs all negative energies in the household. Clay idols overlaid with environment-friendly colours is the popular form of Ganesh worshipped during the festival.

Although the simplest form of Ganesh idols is made of turmeric, mango, peepal or neem trees, statues of silver and crystal are quite popular, too. Remember that any figurine you buy must have the mouse, the deity rides on, and the modak, the sweet the deity relishes. Vastu experts speak about the benefits of keeping white Ganesh figurines which bestows devotees with abundant wealth, happiness, health, success and prosperity.

Look out for the direction in which Ganesh’s trunk tends towards. A sitting Ganesh whose trunk that is straight or curves towards the left side or up in the air is a powerful symbol of good luck.

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