Unconventional Hotels Around The World You Must Stay In

Unconventional Hotels Around The World You Must Stay In

Unconventional Hotels Around The World You Must Stay In
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Ever wondered how it would feel to have a free fall from a hotel shaped like a crane or to stay in a capsule-shaped room. It is true that there are hotels that are far from ordinary. The stay in these hotels around the world will make your stay as exciting and memorable as the place you are visiting. Let's take a tour of the hotels that are in a true sense as extraordinary as the place they are located in.

Innet Hotels

_Innet Hotel_Zaandam_01

The design of the hotel in Amsterdam is inspired by the traditional architecture of the houses in Zaan region. The four-star hotel has 160 unique hotel rooms, a wellness club, and free Wi-Fi.

The Lighthouse


The 80-ft tall lighthouse offers you an amazing and an unobstructed view of the Groix coast and Quiberon bay. The Lighthouse of Kerbel in Riantec in France is a guest house. It has the capacity of six people. The experience of sleeping 80ft. above the ground and waking up to the panoramic view of the sunrise and the sunset is enchanting.

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel


Stay the night or spend your vacations like a caveman living in a cave, with just a minor difference — the cave rooms are equipped with modern amenities. Elkep Evi Cave Hotel, in Cappadocia, Turkey, offers 14 trolgolyte rooms. The hotel is located on one of the highest hills in Turkey.


Hotel Seven France

Spend a night James Bond style or cabaret style complete with pole dancing the fantasies you can imagine. Hotel SEVEN in Paris fulfils some of the imaginations or fantasies you must be having in the secret agent suite, the Marie-Antoinette suit or floating on air in the weightless bath suite. Truly, an out and out exciting experience.

In A Private Aquarium

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort

Imagine viewing sharks in their wildest best, watching sting ray swim by, while having dinner in a restaurant. This has been made possible by Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort on Rangali Island in The guest gets the experience of dining 16-feet below the sea level while enjoying 180-degree view of the reef and the marine life. The resort has 50 water villas, 79 beach villas and 21 spa villas.

Faralda Crane Hotel


The 50-metre high hotel in Amsterdam is designed like a crane. The next time you plan a vacation in Netherlands, just stay at the Crane Hotel in Amsterdam. Sleep in the tower; enjoy the spa pool at the top of the crane and also free fall from atop the tower.

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort


The Hot Spring Resort is located on the southern bank lake Taihu in the Zheijan Province. The main building of the resort is designed like a ring, which arches over the water. The arch of the building over the water creates a dramatic impression. The spa resort has 318 luxuriously furnished guest rooms, a private beach even its own wedding island.

Hotel Jested

Hotel Ještěd_,

The name Jested sounds something like out of the Star Wars movie. The hotel is located atop Ještěd Mountain near Liberec in the Czech Republic. The hyperbole design of the hotel gives it a futuristic and sci-fi design looks nowhere near the ordinary. The tower was designed by K. Hubacek, winner of Perret Prize of the International Union of Architects. It is a three-star hotel with one family room, 12 double rooms extended with five double-rooms.

In A Salt Palace


As the name suggests, the hotel has all the chairs and tables made of blocks of salt. The Salt Palace, Palacio de Sal is a luxury hotel in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Even the beds in the Salt Palace are made from salt blocks, inimitable, it absolutely is.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel, Japan

Sleeping inside a capsule-like in the science-fiction movies. That's right, the capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan, offers you a sleeping pod with disposable bed enjoying the basic and traditional Japanese hospitality. Every capsule comes with toiletries and towels. All you have to do is to shut the screen according to your need and sleep away to glory.

Sun Cruise Resort

Sun Cruise Resort

The resort is like staying in a yacht; the difference is that it is over a cliff instead of being in the sea. Designed like the super-luxurious Royal Caribbean international Sovereign Class, the Sun Cruise Resort is built on a cliff overlooking the Jeongdongjin beach in South Korea. The cruise resort has 211 rooms, a sky lodge, and sea water outdoor pool and offers a stunning view of the ocean.

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