Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Paint Job

Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Paint Job

Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, is one the easiest, quickest and economical ways to give your house a new and updated look. New colours have the effect of dramatically transforming a room. However, lack of preparation or careful planning, can prove to be a total waste of resources and efforts. There are certain crucial points to consider, apart from selecting the right colour, to make your abode more appealing to guests or prospective buyers. Your contractor must be aware of the same which will ensure your home improvement project is a success.

MakaaniQ shares some simple tips to keep in mind before undertaking the task of house painting.

Paint in dry weather

The monsoons aren't a good time to go in for house painting, especially for the exteriors. The drying process might take too long when there is humidity or moisture in the air. Similarly, scorching or windy weather could also be unfavourable for painting the house. Wait for warm and dry days which are the best time for applying paint on the walls.

Create a staging area

This process would take some days to complete. Plan a staging area in the centre of the room or outdoors for pouring paint as well as storing paint cans, cleaning brushes and rollers. This will be a convenient way to know where the painting supplies are and would prevent spills and accidents, too. Start by placing an old portable table covered with a drop cloth.

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Remove the furniture

Clear out all the furniture and valuables from the room. Prior to that, decide an area for keeping the furniture and do not just shove the furnishings into the hallway. Consider renting a temporary storage unit for the purpose. It is necessary to ensure the furniture are in good condition when brought back to the newly-painted room. Remember to cover and protect anything which you think need not be painted such as light fixtures, switch plates, air-conditioners, windowsills, etc.

Clean, repair surface flaws

In order get the perfect finish and desired sheen, perform a thorough visual inspection of the walls and look for cracks or other surface flaws. Flaking or peeling areas need to be scraped off first before painting the surface. Cracks could invite water seepage which must be rectified prior to the project. Use a towel or a vacuum cleaner to clean the walls. Make sure you protect the flooring too, by placing professional-style drop cloths throughout the room.

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Choose the right paint

The theme and age of the house are important factors when choosing the right paint for your walls. It is recommended to sample a few shades of your selected colour to know what works best for your home. Moreover, the colour of the exterior should blend well with the surroundings. So, do not forget to have a glance at the neighborhood homes while making a choice of colour for the exteriors. Also, consult with an expert for deciding between water-based or oil-based paints.

Hire professional painters

It is always wise to hire a pro. Professionals are not just efficient; they would ensure quality work and carry out the procedures in a safe manner, while also advising you in estimating costs and quantities of paint needed for the work. You would not have to worry about coming back to a messy home as they will provide post-painting clean-up services as well.

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