Tips To Create A Safe Play Area For Your Toddler

Tips To Create A Safe Play Area For Your Toddler

Tips To Create A Safe Play Area For Your Toddler

Your home is a toddler's discovery zone, where everything is an adventure she would want to explore. Curious minds, toddlers, who have just learnt to walk or even crawl, sometimes end up injuring themselves while moving around in the house.

 You can't always watch over them while performing various chores at home. So, why not create a safe play area for your toddler that would help them save from unwanted injuries.

Keep an eye

If you can't keep an eye on your child every time when your child is up and playing, ensure that any of the family members including the child's grandparents, a parent, an older sibling or even the domestic help are looking after her. But, if you and your child are alone at home, it's better to install CCTV cameras. The feed of these cameras could be accessed on your phone or tablet, when in a different room.

No access

Pin certain areas in your home that should have no access to your toddler, when alone. For instance, access to the staircase, furniture with sharp corners, or things that they might topple over. Make sure that you designate an open area for your toddler to play. Fence this area using playpen and place some floor foam mats.

Away from danger

This is a crawler's favourite past time — to put her finger in electrical sockets. Curious to know what is it, she might hurt herself. As a practice, ensure that all the sockets, which are not in use, are switched off. Place switch covers to completely save from the damage. Also, make sure none of the sockets are near the floor, place them way above their reach.

Ensuring cleanliness

This is key when you have kids at home. Make sure you clean and sanitise the foam floor mats, playpen, toys and even other things that they use frequently. These things are one of the biggest carriers of bacteria and viruses. To keep your children away from any diseases, cleanliness of their things and their environment is important.

To ensure that you are able to create a safe playing environment for your child, along with these tips, invest in these things:

  • Foam mats: These ensure safety from the hard floor. Even if your child falls while learning to walk, they would not hurt themselves in the process. Also, this makes floor comfortable for them to sit and play.

  • Playpens: Made of foam or soft plastic, these form a soft fence for your child. This restricts them from moving to different areas of the home, when not under surveillance. Moreover, available in different colours and with different drawings , these make an attractive space for little ones.

  • Toddler gates for staircase: To keep it safe, install gates at the lower and top end of your staircase. This would act as a hindrance for the child to climb up or down the staircase at any given time of the day.

  • Electrical outlet covers: These covers are a sure shot way to save your child from electrical shock. These fit in the socket and block the plug holes.

  • Toys fit for their age: Some parents tend to invest in toys that are not recommended for their child's age. But, it is important to check the range of age given on the toy box. Do not exceed this age limit to ensure the product is safe for the child to use. 

Last Updated: Tue Sep 27 2016

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