These Home Ideas Can Make Your Home A Happy Place

These Home Ideas Can Make Your Home A Happy Place

These Home Ideas Can Make Your Home A Happy Place
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Every home buyer, once they have bought their dream home, put their heart and soul to design it based on their taste.

When designing a home we look for the prevailing design trends that we can incorporate in our home. We think of things like vaastu principles, apt colour scheme for the perfect mood setting, and adequate lighting. While these are the basic, have you ever thought of having your fun corner in the house where you can make fun moments with your family or even indulge in your hobbies?  

So, if home is where the heart is, this is how you can apply these interior design ideas that will ensure that your home is a your own happy space.

If you are a fitness freak

So, you love to keep yourself fit and want to make this routine more fun by involving your family, too? Make your own mini gym at your home and see that you and your family have a daily regime. Stay fit and stay happy!


If you love your books

For people who find joy in reading can create a ceiling to floor book wall, housing all the books they own. Add a quirky table and chair to create your own reading corner right next to the window with your favourite window.


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If you have a passion of painting

Is painting your passion and helps you relax? Find a corner in your bedroom, get a paint board and get set go with those colorful palate to explore your own imagination.

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Music for the soul

Music is a source of rejuvenation for many. Having a good music system at home is a very good idea. Indulge in latest available technology and have your own karaoke night within the comforts of your home.


The dash of green

Indoor plants have many advantages. You can create a fresh environment within your home along with indulging in gardening, a hobby for many. Select a few plants of your choice and place it on the free window base inside your home and spend some time nurturing them.


Notice Board

In the world which has totally adapted the virtual communication mediums, you could try this to stay connected with your near ones. Select a frame and make it “the notice board” corner with sticky notes and marker where everyone could write their heart out, whatever they like, whatever they are willing to share. Get out of social media websites or the messengers family group and try this.



Play together

How can we forget our all-time favorite game? Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Business Board Game, and Carom Board are some of the games, which you can bring home and create your own play corner.

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Last Updated: Mon Jul 18 2016

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