These Celebrities Opted For Eco-Friendly Homes

These Celebrities Opted For Eco-Friendly Homes

These Celebrities Opted For Eco-Friendly Homes

Realising the need for a better future more and more people are going towards eco-friendly homes. Even celebrities are moving towards eco-friendly homes. There are many celebrities who have gone the extra mile to create green houses that will inspire their fans to do the same. Makaan IQ lists some of the celebrities who have chosen to go green:

Gul Panag


Gul Panag is one of the Indian celebs that have chosen to create an eco-friendly home. This home is located near Pune. It is registered under Small Versatile Affordable GRIHA system (SVAGRIHA). The rainwater harvesting system with underground storage meets the water needs of the household. The solar panels meet the daily power need. Along with this, a large double glazed window eliminates the need of air-conditioning.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan(Flickr)

Imran Khan's home is based in Pali Hill, Mumbai. The home belongs to Nasir Hussain, Imran's grandfather. The young actor fulfilled the responsibility towards mother earth by using solar panels, going for water harvesting system and ensuring proper ventilation within the home.

Abhay Deol



Abhay Deol chose to move Goa as Mumbai is polluted. He ensured that his home in Goa is eco-friendly. Thus, the home is well-facilitated with solar panels and rainwater harvesting system. The credit for the actor's beautiful home goes to Vishakha and Muninder Chowdhury.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts(Shutterstock)

Julia Roberts' home is based in Malibu, California. The 6,000 square feet home is equipped with a tennis court and has a swimming pool. The actress spent $20 million for making her home eco-friendly. Green materials and recycled tiling are used for reducing the carbon footprint. The home also has solar panels which will harness ample amount of sunlight made available in Malibu.

Julia Louis


Julia Louis is the queen of the comedy. The actress really values the environment. Thus, materials such as bamboo and mahogany had been used to construct the home. The home is equipped with solar panels and recycled newspaper has been used for insulation purpose. Also, proper provision is made for natural ventilation. In order to save fuel, the actress sourced necessary materials from the local market.

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Last Updated: Mon Jul 03 2017

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