Take A Chill Pill With Wellness Homes

Take A Chill Pill With Wellness Homes

Take A Chill Pill With Wellness Homes

In today's lifestyle, working professionals spend more than 12 hours at their workplaces. Adding to this, the long commuting hours to office, personal stress and professional demands  – everything tots up to immense anxiety and early burnout. Stress is the number one lifestyle risk factor. To improve their standard of living, people tend to devote more time to such working style, which becomes taxing in the long run.

However, there is an antidote to help you break this malicious circle – the working professionals need not just a home, but a wellness home that has a therapeutic effect on its occupants. People are increasingly looking for a home that would be a stress-buster in the true sense of the term. A wellness home is a well-defined concept that supports healthy living, which improves endurance. Wellness inside apartments or houses in terms of clean air, water and freedom from radiation is emerging as a great concept. There are many home buyers, who prefer a 'wellness home' these days, which assures quality rest and relaxation, cleaner, healthier air and water.

In view of that, sustainability should begin at home and wellness home is certainly the next step in the real estate sector. The concept of wellness real estate is constantly evolving on a larger scale at homes, hotels and other office buildings. There is nothing in the world more important than good health, and everyone wants to move into a home that is both environmentally and physically sustainable.

Real estate developers also see it as a trend that is catching on fast. If given a chance, many consumers, who keep a preference for luxury living with green environment, are willing to pay more for such 'wellness-infused residences'.
So, what unique features or amenities are real estate developers bringing for the consumers to ensure that they are offering 'wellness home' to a discerning home buyer?

Considering this, Tata Housing, the company which aims to bring a new definition of wellness homes to India, conducted a survey in 2014, where it indicated that consumers favour wellness featured homes which assure not only luxury living but also a superior quality of living with pure air and water, and a healthy environment in which they can lead healthier lives. The promising concept of wellness housing will be unveiled at Tata Housing's under-construction project Serein in Thane, Maharashtra.

Key features of wellness homes

Natural and green environment, clean air, meditation centre, acoustic park, library, restaurant, garden, club house, cafeteria, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and sports complex to mention a few.

Unique wellness home project: Sobuj Potro by India Green Realty Pvt Ltd

Sobuj Potro at Shantiniketan (near Bolpur) in West Bengal's Birbhum district will infuse the local way of life with a luxury lifestyle. The resort-based bungalows in Sobuj Potro have an ethnic look, earth-layered on the outside but inside each house and will be well-furnished with designer fittings. Every house in Sobuj Potro constructed has been constructed in a way that will follow the global standards of living. This includes measurement, certification and monitoring the performance of building features that have a larger impact on dweller's health, while maintaining the spirit of the place.

Some of the unique features, Sobuj Potro will include – a fishing zone, organic farming, weekend bazaar in haat style, amphitheatre, mangroves, birds and butterflies, flora and fauna, lobster capturing, natural forest, tiger reserve forest.

Today's real estate developers are focusing on building homes, which support healthy living. But, everything that is full of luxury comes with a high price tag. For the elites, however, it comes as a wonderful option. Maybe the price range can filter down to all levels at an advanced stage.

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