Take A Chill Pill With Wellness Homes

Take A Chill Pill With Wellness Homes

Take A Chill Pill With Wellness Homes

A home becomes the centre of our universe. Apart from spending maximum time of our lives here, home is where we truly live and be ourselves. It is a source of comfort, love, inspiration, rejuvenation and freedom. Where we live has a massive impact on our day to day lives. As our lifestyles become more hectic, the importance of investing in a home that helps us achieve physical and mental well-being becomes more and more evident. While buying a house is an aspiration and achievement for many, there is now a strong focus on buying a residence that goes beyond being the place where one lives but transforms the entire way of living positively.

 Working professionals, young families, and even the older generation looking for a home are conscious about the overall impact that it would have on their lives. The needs and expectations of today’s home buyers surpass the area of the house, perfect floor plan and location, to include finer aspects that support healthy living. Along with the amenities, the focus is on ensuring clean air, water and freedom from harmful environmental factors. Today, a home has to be a wellness home. 

 The concept of wellness has taken off due to the dire need and awareness amongst people to make their health and families a priority. The drawbacks of the hectic, urban lifestyle started becoming evident with the rise of lifestyle related diseases all over the country. It was apparent that an excellent way to counter this is to choose a home that promotes healthy living. 

A residence can do this in multiple ways. Right from the location to the amenities, it is possible to find a house that effortlessly adds positivity to the lives of its residents.  The concept of wellness home is rapidly evolving in the Indian real estate market as there is a genuine demand from the customers. That leads to the next question – What does a wellness home include? 

Godrej Properties has brought this format to life and created an idyllic wellness homes township in Keshavnagar at Pune. Spread over 9 acres, the focus of this project is to promote healthy living through its location and many amenities. Both, indoor and outdoor elements have been strategically designed and effortlessly incorporated to facilitate a better living. From the conception of the property and throughout its execution, the focus has been on creating a healthy living space for its residents for a lifetime.

This township includes amenities such as jogging and cycling tracks, outdoor gyms, sports pitches, amphitheaters, along with indoor facilities like yoga decks, Zumba classes, rock climbing and work-out areas. The natural greenery of the location is accentuated with landscaping, herb gardens, and vertical gardens to infuse a sense of well-being throughout the property.

 The concept of a wellness home isn’t just a trend, it is the need of the hour for consumers. With the drastic change in our lifestyles, rise of pollution and other harmful environmental factors, and the technology induced inactive lifestyle, good health and well-being are justifiable and genuine priorities. These factors aren’t temporary changes which would phase out with newer inventions but they are the catalyst of the paradigm shift towards a holistic lifestyle that promotes wellness at each step.

This article is authored by Amandeep Singh, business head west & east, Godrej Properties Limited.

Last Updated: Wed Feb 13 2019

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