Should You Opt For A Turnkey Builder Or A Boutique Builder?

Should You Opt For A Turnkey Builder Or A Boutique Builder?

Should You Opt For A Turnkey Builder Or A Boutique Builder?

Sanjay Sharma, a 45-year-old businessman, planned to reconstruct his ancestral property. He wanted to give the property a modern-day look. At the same time he wished that his joint family should be together and still maintain each family's privacy.

Now, when everyone sat together to plan, different suggestions, design plans,  emerged. Among the many questions raised, one was what kind of builder should they choose -- An experienced turnkey builder or a unique boutique builder?

If you are also a homeowner confused about which one should you pick, MakaaniQ gives you a lowdown:

Turnkey Builder

A turnkey builder is the one that takes up multiple construction projects in one go and works on them side by side. Such a builder is equipped with dedicated teams for sales, marketing, interiors, design, furniture and construction. Each team is dedicated to a project ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


  • With a wide range of properties constructed under his umbrella, you can be rest assured about your property. This builder can take care of a small as well as a huge property.
  • Working on different projects and many already signed up, be prepared for a quick and organised construction of the property.
  • This builder will know his job once he has consulted with you and taken in your needs and wants.
  • Such a builder, with its scale of economies, will ensure that your property is constructed on time, helping you save time as well as money.
  • Be prepared for a professional guidance every single time from one of their dedicated team members for your site.
  • Will follow set building rules and guidelines, ensuring you get a property that it is a legal construction.
  • Have issues after you have been handed over the constructed property? The dedicated team member will be available at your service later, too.


  • A set pattern of construction design will be followed given the number of projects the builder is handling at one go.
  • Very little room for an altercation in the home design, you might have to compromise on the budget set for the property.
  • There would be fewer personal and more professional involvement from the builder.
  • Once everything is finalised on paper, during the process of construction, a turnkey builder might want his team to take over and not allow you to visit the site. Hence, such builders are not viable for those living remotely.

Boutique Builder

A boutique builder takes up one or two projects in a go and focuses completely on their construction. Such builders are more focused on how to make each property unique than construction of multiple similar-looking properties. Well-equipped with teams of sales, marketing, interiors, design, furniture and construction, the number of teams will be smaller when compared to that of a turnkey builder.

  • For those looking for personalised service, boutique builders are for you.
  • A boutique builder will sit down with you and work on every small detail of the property the way you want it to be along with making his own suggestions.
  • Design along with quality construction are the prime focus of a boutique builder and hence, will ensure that once the property is constructed, it is unique.
  • A boutique builder will meet you on-site every time they are adding something new or a space is complete. This will keep you involved in the process all the time.
  • A boutique builder will develop the property with an eye for detail. Even a site slope will not get away from the eye and will be rectified.
  • Such a builder will ensure that the property is not just a quality construction but also livable. Hence, be assured to get a well-lit, well-ventilated and a smartly-designed property.


  • Such builders might lack experience, raising concerns among the property owner until the end of construction.
  • A boutique developer, in order to ensure that every detail is taken care of, might take up some extra time for construction. Hence, more time and more expenses.
  • In case you are living remotely, you will have to make a tiresome property visit every time some new detail is added to the property.
  • Such a builder comes expensive given they have the best-in-class designers and architects.
Last Updated: Tue Oct 31 2017

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