Set Your Dining Table Like a Pro

Set Your Dining Table Like a Pro

Set Your Dining Table Like a Pro

Having friends and family over for a meal together is always exciting. From setting a menu, to dressing up your home and also, dressing up the dining area you do it all to the T. But, what is challenging is the how to serve the food in style and to give your guests a restaurant-like feel.

One of the key things that need to be set right is the dining table because here is where you will stage all that you have cooked.

Here are some tips and steps to set your dining table like a pro:

Create the ambience


Before you begin to set your dining table, make sure the environment and the ambience are just right. The area around the dining table should be free from dust and clutter. Vacuum the area followed by decorating it with aromatic candles and fresh flowers. 

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Spread the tablecloth


Before you spread your tablecloth, cover the table with an under cloth. Doubling the tablecloth will provide your guests comfort when they want to rest their arms on the table. Always consider the size and shape of your table before choosing the table cloth. For example, for a circular table, choose a square-shaped tablecloth. Make sure the corners of the cloth cover the table legs.

Place the plates


Based on the number of people your table can accommodate place the crockery. The space per guest for plate arrangement should be about 80 cm but never keep it less than 60 cm.

Arrange the silverware


Silverware should be arranged and placed at 1.3 cm from the edge of the table. Align them either at the top or bottom. Place the forks on the left and knives on the right and dessert spoon on the top.

Set the glasses


Keep the glasses on the top of the knife. Align them in a row or in a triangle format. To prevent spills, keep the largest glass inside.

Keep the napkins


Fold the napkins creatively. You can either use a same folding technique or can alternate the style, especially when there is an even number. Place the napkin either on the plate or in a large glass.

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