Roof Gardens: A City Dweller's Latest Passion

Roof Gardens: A City Dweller's Latest Passion

Roof Gardens: A City Dweller's Latest Passion

In big cities, space is at a premium. With cities turning into concrete jungles, home-owners often grapple for some space to house the greens. And this has led to the wide acceptance of the roof garden concept. This idea especially works for those who live on the top floor or own a villa or a bungalow. Here, green space spread out on the roof instead of the front or backyard.

So, if you love a green spread where you could enjoy your morning and evening cuppa or if you want to have your own kitchen garden, but face a space crunch roof garden is your best bet.

What are roof gardens?

A garden or green spread created on a housetop is known as a roof garden. A concept common in urban areas, these gardens have a positive environmental and architectural impact on the structure.

How to make an effective roof garden?

For an effective roof garden, this what you could do:

  • Have a professional checkup of the roof to see if it can withstand the weight of the green spread and the soil and water that would go in every day.
  • Hire a professional and create layers of soil to provide insulation, drainage, and a growing medium for plants.
  • Create a bottom layer of soil to fight any kind of leakage and seepage, followed by a second layer which includes gravel for drainage. The third layer would include filtering mat that could soak water. The final layer would be of the growing mediums like planters and plants.
  • Ensure that planters are light in weight.
  • When using soil, make sure the right depth is maintained to absorb water and provide enough nutrients to the plants.
  • Ensure regular maintenance, including watering and weeding 

What can you grow?

On a rooftop garden, you can grow possibly everything that the weather conditions of your city allow. Check with your gardener for the seasonal flowers, fruits, vegetables and even herbs. Plant these seasonal plants along with a grass spread.

Advantages of roof garden

  • Roof gardens, as any other green space would help improve the urban air.
  • A green roof ensures a well-insulated home. It provides the much-needed coolness in case you live in a city with a hot and humid climate. Thus, minimal consumption of air conditioner and in turn, lower electricity bills.
  • It also protects the roof from regular wear and tear due to weather conditions.
  • It will be your own space to grow food.
  • Apart from being your very own space to grow your favourite greens, you could also relax among the greens in the morning and evening. All you need to do is add some lawn chairs and a table.
  • If you plan to sell the property in future, a roof garden would add to the value, like a garden in the front yard would have done.
Last Updated: Mon Oct 30 2017

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