Planning To Buy Furniture Online? Follow These Tips

Planning To Buy Furniture Online? Follow These Tips

Planning To Buy Furniture Online? Follow These Tips

Online shopping is common. We use online platforms for buying shoes, clothes, makeup and other items. But, when we start getting into expensive items it gets a little tricky. It is important that we select very carefully especially when it comes to furniture. A lot of thought goes in finding a right furniture piece that will fit in your home. MakaaniQ gives you tips that will help you buy furniture online.

Buy from a secure site

There are many online market platforms that offer attractive furniture pieces and good deals. Amongst all these options it is important to find a reliable site. Know that there are many fake shopping sites. For checking the security follow these points:

  • Check the URL of the site. It should start from https instead of http.
  • Click on the lock icon to know the security of the site.
  • Also, read about the company and check the reviews on the site.
  • Contact the company through email or phone to check its authenticity.
  • Also, see whether the site is updated regularly.

Know all about the product

Look for the dimensions, materials and lead times while selecting the furniture piece. When shopping online, it becomes very important to take note of the shipping and return policies. Also, check reviews by other customers. This will give you a fair idea about the product.

Order only when you are fully satisfied

It is important to be 100 per cent sure before you go for making a final purchase. If you are not certain about any item, then go for brands that have an experience center or gives you the option to decide at the time of final delivery. Some of the sites even send an interior expert to customer's home helping them to evaluate the best fit for the home. If it doesn't,  hire the services of an expert who will help you make the right choice.

Also, make sure that you measure the space before you finally order the furniture piece. It is also important to figure out whether the furniture piece will be delivered as an assembled piece or will be assembled lately. In case it will be delivered as an assembled piece, then figure it out whether it will fit through the doorway or will it fit up the stairs.

Do not take delivery of damaged items

Returning damaged items can be a costly experience. It is good to not take delivery in case any item comes damaged. It is better to take pictures of the damaged piece. This will come out as a proof that the item got damaged during the transit. This will you save you from paying the return costs.     

It is very important to purchase branded furniture products especially when you are making an online purchase. In case of local furniture items, do carefully look at the return policy. Many times such products last only for a month or two. Then, you would be left only with two options either to dispose it or file a consumer complaint. Filing a complaint is obviously a tough task. Thus, to avoid an unnecessary hassle buy only branded products.  

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Last Updated: Wed Jul 05 2017

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