Numerology: The Power Of Number 1

Numerology: The Power Of Number 1

Numerology: The Power Of Number 1

Each number has its own significance and affects the home dwellers differently. The impact, either positive or negative, could be related to your finances, job or happiness.

In a series of articles on numerology, MakaaniQ today talks about the impact of house number that totals to 1 (1, 10, 100).

Best suited for

Number 1 is governed by Sun and attracts the people with sun sign Leo. It is an apt number for highly independent individuals and also, leaders. Hence, if you are a leader or are aiming to be one, opt for a house number 1. This number will help you follow your dream path and will also make you self-reliant.

Not suited for

Living in house number 1 is not advisable for couples planning to start a family. Moreover, for those who are looking for a low-maintenance property, too, should not invest in the house that totals to 1 as this house needs a lot of maintenance.


The windows of the home that totals to 1 should be big. Windows should be free of ornaments on the ledges or hanging crystals. The colour scheme of the home must be white, orange and gold.

Precautions to be taken

Living in a house with number 1? The number can invite eyesight, heart and circulation problems. Get your heart monitored and blood-pressure check, regularly. Also, do not keep candles in the house as such homes are also prone to fire. Install a fire alarm.


Living in house number 1 can lead to loneliness. In case you want to find a partner, then opt for a number that will balance the energy created by the number one. For this, place any even number at the back of your door. Even numbers are divisible by two and promote sharing. Moreover, living in a home that totals to 1 can make you aggressive. Thus, it is essential to mingle with friends.

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Last Updated: Fri Aug 31 2018

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