Numerology: Give Your Creativity New Wings With Number 3

Numerology: Give Your Creativity New Wings With Number 3

Numerology: Give Your Creativity New Wings With Number 3

Number 3 according to numerology drives imagination and hence, people who have creative minds should choose homes that total to number 3 (3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57, 66, and so on). This number allows the artist in you to express yourself and reach new heights.


MakaaniQ explains in detail the power of number 3:

The vibe

Number 3 is governed by Jupiter and homes with this number is best-suited for fun-loving people. The home vibrates positive energy as the residents share joy and laughter. It is a dwelling for people who want to experiment and break the monotony of life.

Best-suited for

Starting a creative endeavour: Number 3 is what you should choose if you plan to start a creative endeavour of yours in near future. According to numerology, 3 arouses interest in philosophies and promotes self-expression and hence, can be a suited number for budding writers, actors, painters, dancers, among others.

Someone who wants to bring change to their personality: Are you a boring person, living the monotonous life? Bring change to your personality with shifting to house that totals to 3. This number will help you in promoting interest in creative activities including travelling, writing, and painting.

A positive for families: Number 3 is for people who love being surrounded by family and friends.

Not suited for

Number 3 is not suited for people who prefer alone time and being on their own. Also, people who love silence should avoid this number too.


Being an artist's favourite, this home needs to be designed accordingly. Dress up the home with furnishings that are bright, celebrate different forms of life and also, are fun. Colours like sunshine yellow and dramatic purple can be perfect, also colours of the nature make the home more welcoming. You can also add plants to enhance the artistic vibe of the home.

The negative

Shun the responsibilities of everyday living: Living in a home with number three can turn you into someone without a set routine. Pick the number only if you are fond of flexibility in life.

Excessive flow of cash: At such a home there is an excessive flow of cash when spending on enjoying with the family and friends. So, when in a house with this number keep a check on your cash flows.

Lack of rest: You might feel that you don't get enough rest as number 3 brings lots of activity. A highly active life would leave you tired.

Caution: A house totalling to 3 can lead to stress, depression, legal difficulties and hangovers.

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Last Updated: Thu Apr 25 2019

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