Numerology: Attain Life Goals With Number 4

Numerology: Attain Life Goals With Number 4

Numerology: Attain Life Goals With Number 4

Are you ambitious and focused towards achieving your goal? A house number that totals to 4 is ideal for you. Moreover, living in a home with number 4 helps you set realistic goals, thus, making it easier for the dwellers to work towards them.

MakaaniQ tell you more about a house number with number 4.

The vibe

Number 4 represents sun and hence, the dwellers in this home follow a set routine and are driven by discipline, structure and responsibility.

Best suited for

This house is well-suited for a practical individual who is orderly, economical and hardworking. If you are someone who is looking forward to become successful, a house number that totals to 4 works well. Hence, it is well-suited for architects, real estate developers, students, and bankers. Such house assures financial gains but at a slow and consistant pace.

Least suited for

House number that totals to 4 is not recommended for someone with an emotional bent, for instance, people with number 2 life path. The house lacks innovation, adventure, variety or excitement and is not recommended for someone looking for these attributes in a home. Such a home could cause them frustration and negativity.


It is generally seen that such a house is full of electronic gadgets, including computers, speakers and televisions. The house has the tendency to bring financial or relationship problems in the lives of the dwellers. Hence, create a beautiful garden in the home, have a bright-coloured front door and add earthly colours such as caramel, brown and white.

Challenges faced

Structural problems are the main concern faced by such a house. If surrounded by a railway, or motor traffic the house could cracked walls, ceilings or sinking foundations. Another challenge in this house is that one has to struggle a lot to achieving long term goals.

Things to take care of

  • Do not ignore home repairs.
  • Bring balance between work and play; take time out for leisure activities like gardening.
  • Be careful of emotional separations and health issues such as lower back problems.

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Last Updated: Mon Oct 29 2018

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