Numerology: Enhance Your Social Skills With Number 5

Numerology: Enhance Your Social Skills With Number 5

Numerology: Enhance Your Social Skills With Number 5

Do you love partying with family and friends and are known to be the social bee? A house number that totals to 5 is apt for you to keep the social get-togethers going. Fun, adventure and progressive ideas are some of the characteristics of this house. Also, if you wish to attain freedom and also learn the fear management, then opt for home totalling to number 5.

The vibe

Ruled by planet Mercury number 5 the occupants of this home are always looking for change.

Best suited for

  • A house number that totals to 5 is great for those looking for immediate financial gains. Investors go for this number as this brings in best possible returns.
  • It is the right fit for interior decorators who are always looking for something new and have to design new trends every season.
  • This house with a vibrant energy attracts individuals from the field of information and broadcast and travel.
  • The house is great for singles.  

Special trait

There is a special trait of a house the number of which totals to 5. This house will various motor vehicles.

Least suited for

  • Individuals who suffer addiction must avoid this place. Number 5 can cause over-indulgence especially if the actual number is 14, which is a karmic debt number.
  • This house is not suitable for people who look for peace and calm.
    • Following a tight schedule is quite difficult in this home. Living in this house might lead to frequent change of jobs.
  • If occupied by a couple, there are chances of arguments.


The design of this house should have bright colours and be full of quirk, reflecting the creative side of the occupants. The occupants here will also be willing to introduce something new to the decor at short intervals. So, the interiors of this house will always have a newness.

Caution: Look for issues such as blood pressure, stress, ear, nose and throat problems. The occupants might suffer from insomnia.

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Last Updated: Thu May 11 2017

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