Keep Them Safe: 5 Must-Have Gadget & Apps For Children

Keep Them Safe: 5 Must-Have Gadget & Apps For Children

Keep Them Safe: 5 Must-Have Gadget & Apps For Children

For working parents, the biggest challenge is the safety of their children. Things have got even more complex as children's exposure to mobile phones and internet devices is on the rise.

MakaaniQ suggests some apps and gadgets you could use to track your children and the way they use their gadgets:



eKavach is a parental control app, designed by Certus Technologies Ltd. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app can be used by any family member for online safety of the children and control web content filtering on the devices they use. This allows a safe browsing experience, helps you remotely monitor the screen time. This also allows you to set time and data limit to their online browsing. Also, using their GPS, you could track their whereabouts.

In case your child violates any of the set filters, the app gives you a real time alert. In case you do not have an internet connection at that time, you will get a SMS alert.

Angel Child Monitoring

 Safe in City Marvel

Angel Child Monitoring is a GPS and GSM-enabled device developed by Krishnendu Dasgupta, a telecom veteran. This allows parents to keep a track of their child's location and also, help them raise an alarm in case of an emergency. This device, which can be carried in pocket, strapped to body or worn around the neck, allows the parents to create safe zones for their child, including school, home, parks or even tuition centres.

The moment the child moves away from these zones, an alert is sent to the parents' phone using an app. Compatible with an Android device, the people who buy it are given access to the company, Safe in City's website, with a unique login. Moreover, this device lets you save history on the device, too, apart from real-time tracking.

Interestingly, the device let's the child make SOS calls to two pre-saved emergency numbers when in need.



Keeping in mind the rising number of sexual abuse cases among children, an app Surakshit was recently launched by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), CDAC Hyderabad, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), and Enfold Proactive Health Trust. This app is designed to teach 'Body Safety Rules' to 6 to 18 year olds. Aimed to create awareness about the issue among children and parents in form of stories, the app also provides helpline numbers in case of emergency. It is available in 11 languages.



A wearable device, Kaiota is designed by a Bengaluru-based Internet of Things or IoT startup. This is a GPS-enabled package which has a wearable phone and a tracker which could be installed in children's watch. Parents can monitor child's location and surroundings through GPS and an inbuilt microphone. They could also create safe zones using geo-fencing. The device is also embedded with an accelerometer, speaker, flexible lithium battery, SOS button, GSM module and USB 3.0 for charging the device. It operates on an IoT (Internet of Things) platform called Traxroot, which gives out analytics along with live and historical reports. The device is designed for children between the age of 3-10 years. 



SafetiPin is a GPS navigation app that lets you track your child. This app should be installed on your child's device with the Track Me button switched on. It not just let's you track them but also helps them with map direction in case of an emergency. Moreover, to help your child select areas which they should use to travel, you could pin locations and give them safety scores based on how safe these areas are. The selection criteria could be lighting in the area, openness of the area, visibility, people density, security, walk path, transportation, and gender diversity. This is recorded in time and the data later can help other users, too. 

Last Updated: Wed Oct 05 2016

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