Home Decor Ideas For True-Blue Soccer Fans

Home Decor Ideas For True-Blue Soccer Fans

Home Decor Ideas For True-Blue Soccer Fans

Are you going crazy about Manchester United winning the latest premier league soccer game or glued to your TV screen with your friends cheering your favourite soccer team? Well, you are a proud true-blue soccer fan.

So, how about living in a home that resonates your craze about the game of football? All you would need to do is fill your home with decorative and accessories that reflect your love for the game.

MakaanIQ lists a few home décor ideas that will transform your home into a true-blue soccer fan's home:


The first element you could use are the walls of your home. Create an accent wall in your living room or bedroom that is painted with the colours of your favourite team or club. You could also consider placing a football mural or a decal on a wall.


Bed is always the focal point of a bedroom, so why not give this element a soccer theme? Bring home a soccer-themed bed or transform your existing bed using soccer-themed elements including bedspreads, cushions and pillows.


Taping huge posters on the walls can make your walls chip off. But how about framing these posters, photographs, and even autographs, etc and hang them on the walls. You could alter their placement from time to time.

Vintage décor

Adding elegant pieces to your décor reflects the sport's rich history.  Vintage piece may include old pictures, jerseys of the legendary players, and soccer player's cards, etc. You can hang these artwork that look old  such as canvas prints displaying players in vintage uniforms or a famous logo inscribed on reclaimed wood.

Last Updated: Thu Mar 02 2017

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