Here's How You Can Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Here's How You Can Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Here's How You Can Decorate Your Home For Christmas

It's that time of the year we have all been waiting for. The month of December is synonymous with Christmas. This cheery festival brings to our mind a lot of things like turkey dinners, cocktail parties, holiday, gifts and obviously, home decorations! Most of us have already chalked out a plan for these. In case, you are clueless about decorating your house, we would like to help you out with these smart and easy tips.

The basic idea of home décor for Christmas should be about creating an environment that reflects its true festive spirit.

Yes, the tree is a mandatory aspect of the décor. Yet, there is a gamut of modern décor techniques to choose from, including DIY to traditional methods that is sure to create the much-needed charm. PropGuide brings you a list of some popular ones you could apply to make your home sparkle this season!

Play with colours


Brighten up the living room with a magical combo of silver, white and pleasant green.

Deck up the walls

Wall decor christmas(Dreamstime)

Opt for some classic paintings to adorn the bare walls of your house. Even better, let out your creative skills and develop some eye-catching do-it-yourself (DIY) hanging card holders, banners, etc.

Light-up the area

Lighting Christmas(Dreamstime)

Lights are a part of the tradition. However, give it a twist and go for jazzy lighting display for your outdoors and interiors. Replace the old chandelier in your dining room with a vibrant one with larger dimensions to create that perfect Christmas effect.

Add a touch of nature

Touch of nature christmas(Dreamstime)

Pick some fresh boughs of red poinsettias, amaryllis and roses. Remodel your living space, dining hall and other areas. The pleasing aroma of flowers is sure to inspire everyone.

DIY flameless fire pit


Contemporary homes in India do not have a separate fireplace. Allot a tiny space in the corner of your living room for a faux fire pit.

An impressive entryway


Enchant your guests with a fully decked-up entrance. Discard the artificial décor items you purchased from the market. Instead, sit down to produce pretty artwork using leftover wrapping paper and ribbons.

Last Updated: Fri Dec 21 2018

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