How A Tortoise Can Bring In Wealth And Luck

How A Tortoise Can Bring In Wealth And Luck

How A Tortoise Can Bring In Wealth And Luck

Green Dragon, Red Phoenix, White Tiger and Black Tortoise are the four Feng Shui animals. In ancient China, tortoise was considered as a spiritual creature which indicates longevity. It is a great way to channelise the positive energy within the house. 

Benefits of keeping tortoise at home for stabilising energy

An ideal place for placing the tortoise is the back of your house.  However, the tortoise can be placed in different directions:

  • Placing the tortoise at the very entrance will safeguard your home from negative energy.
  • Placing it close to an artificial waterfall or fish tank will magnify the power of the tortoise.
  • Placing the tortoise in “Tien Yi” (health) direction will help you fight various sort of illnesses. This can be determined with the help of your Kua number. For calculating your Kua number simply add the digit of your year of birth. For instance, if the year in which you were born is 1958, then the sum total of this would be five. Now, females should add four to this number for getting their Kua number. If you are a male, then subtract 11 from this number to get your Kua number.
  • Placing the tortoise near the bed head will take away all your anxieties. This helps in solving the problem of insomnia. It is also advisable to place it near your child's bed if he/she is afraid of sleeping alone.
  • Placing the tortoise in the north is good for your career.
  • Placing the tortoise in the northwest of your home will add to the patriarch's luck. 
  • Placing the tortoise in the east is good for creating a dedicated attitude.

Caution: Do not place tortoise in bathroom or kitchen.

Benefits of keeping tortoise for wish fulfilment

As per Feng Shui, tortoise can be used for wish fulfilment too. For this, buy a tortoise of metal that can be opened. Now, write a wish on a yellow paper. Place this paper inside the tortoise and close it. After this, place the tortoise on a red cloth and do a pooja of the tortoise. On the fulfilment of your wish, remove the paper.

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Last Updated: Fri Apr 01 2022

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