DIY Tips To Make Your Home Look Perfect This Republic Day

DIY Tips To Make Your Home Look Perfect This Republic Day

DIY Tips To Make Your Home Look Perfect This Republic Day

The nation is celebrating its 68th Republic Day this time. For most of us, celebrations for January 26 is usually a workplace affair, while the rest of us plan to spend the day with family watching the grand parade on television. How about decorating your house too with the tricolour? This would be a great way to inspire your kids with the spirit of patriotism and also a chance to give your abode a new look.

The idea of home décor for the event would be a mix and match of saffron, white and greens, that too with minimum investment. MakaaniQ tells you how.

Vibrant upholstery


It is not possible to frequently change furniture or wall colours. Replacing the upholstery with new one is a smart idea. Opt for saffron drapes in the living room along with colourful cushion covers like orange, white and green. Have the same tricolour scheme for other areas of your home like bedcovers, pillow covers, rugs, decorative throw pillows, etc.

Express with crafts

DIY Republic Day(eventalyare)

Rather than purchasing tri-coloured flags and plastic lanterns, engage in creating impressive DIY décor items and craftwork along with your kids. Try making DIY tricolour paper chains.

Accessorise the space


Shop for some classic décor accessories for your home such as tricolour balloons and unique flag stand with a clock. Bring in plants to add a dash of green.

Attractive centrepiece


There is a plethora of ways by which you could generate a sumptuous centrepiece with your dining room table, particularly with tempting food and snacks viz. tri colour sandwiches or stylish crockery. Supplement the look with trendy candle holders.

Go traditional

rangoli (1)


Display your love for traditional products by installing jute furniture in your patio or garden. Exude your creative skills and adorn the floor at the home's entrance with pretty rangoli designs, else make the best use of floor decals available online these days.

Last Updated: Mon Jan 30 2017

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