Getting Ready For Diwali: 7 DIY Decorative Ideas For Your Home

Getting Ready For Diwali: 7 DIY Decorative Ideas For Your Home

Getting Ready For Diwali: 7 DIY Decorative Ideas For Your Home

This Diwali adorn your creative cap and give your home a gift of handcrafted decorative. MakaaniQ lists some quick do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas you could make use of this Diwali:

Child's play 

paper craft(Nrigujarati.co.in)

Involve your children in the decoration process. If they start young, they will only go better as they grow. In fact, they could be of great help to you. They have been learning different things in their art and craft classes at their school. They could create diyas, kandeel, flowers, wall hangings and cards for their friends and family using colourful paper. Just get them some paper, glitters, glue, scissors and stapler and see them create some interesting things.

Mirror mirror on the wall




Use some small mirrors in different shapes and sizes and create a wall mural using these. You could use other decorative such as paper, coloured wood among others to complete the design that has to go up on the wall. These mirrors will beautifully reflect light once you completely lit the room with candles. 

Serve in style




Grab some rope, a polythene bag, glue and a bowl. Wrap the polythene on the inside of the bowl and now apply the glue to this bag. Next step it to start turning the rope and making it look like a coil. Now wrap this closely on the glue-covered polythene. Once dry, remove the polythene and you would have a rope bowl ready to serve dryfruits to your guests. 


Homemade candles


This could be a little time-taking task. You would need wax, wicks, fragrance oils and moulds. You will have to heat and melt the wax while you set the wick into mould. Add some fragrant oil and colour to the melting wax and pour this wax into the mould and let it set in. If the candles you are making are big in size, you could later decorate it using glitters, paint or paper cutouts. For the tea-light candles, below are some interesting holders that you could create:

Candle holders

candle holder(homedesignrev)

Have some old glass bangles you don't use because they are too blingy? Bring their bling to the optimum use. Glue them on top of one other to create a hollow stand. Use this as a candle holder. The glowing candle would make the bangle stand glow further creating a bright look.

If you have a set of shot glasses lying idle for years, it's time to put them to use. Use some rope dipped in golden paint. Wrap this rope around these glasses and stick using glue. Cover half of the glass and place candle inside the glass. You could also cover the glass in glitters, depending upon your style and taste.



Rangoli is one thing that as a tradition we do it in our home. Well, there are various ways in which you could create this. Use organic colours and a mould that would make the process quicker. You could also use flowers and place them in a certain arrangement. Want to go quirky? Use just colourful candles or diyas to form an arrangement or use chalk powder and glitter along with mirrors to create the magic.

Puja thali


How about designing your own puja thali? Buy a plain thali in silver or golden colour. Now, decorate this thali using lace, pom poms, glitter, paper cutouts, mirrors, or pearl string. Opt for things that can create your style.

Last Updated: Fri Nov 01 2019

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