International Yoga Day: Tips To Design Your Yoga Room

International Yoga Day: Tips To Design Your Yoga Room

International Yoga Day: Tips To Design Your Yoga Room

Yoga rejuvenates not only the body but also the mind. A school of science, Yoga, is now becoming popular among the young and old alike looking for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Thus, incorporating yoga into their daily fitness routine. While many go out to the parks to practice yoga there are others who wish to practice at the comforts of their home. But remember, those practicing yoga at home, the thumb rule to creating a perfect yoga space, you should feel close to nature. 

On the third International Yoga Day, celebrated every year on June 21, as the world gets together to practice yoga, MakaaniQ brings you some tips that will help you create a yoga space that you will love.

Prerequisites for yoga room



Silence is the first prerequisite for a yoga room as it is a form of exercise that detaches you from the outer world. Try to opt for an open or outdoor space in your home. If you are planning to practice in a room, then ensure that the room has windows and ample exposure to natural light. Also, see that the room you choose is not cluttered or filled up. The more empty the room, the better focus you will have. 



While creating a yoga room it is essential to have the perfect ambience. This will motivate you to carry out yoga on a daily basis.

Colour scheme: Colours such as beige, light green, blues, sand and white

Flooring: Hardwood floors are great for yoga and holding balance poses. But, even a carpeted floor is a good idea.

Mat: Use mat made out of natural materials.

Lighting: Natural lighting is advisable. Do not us harsh or artificial fluorescent lights. In the absence of natural lighting, install dim overhead lights.

DVD player


Keep a CD or a DVD player on which you can play meditational music or even video sessions that you could follow. This will add to your experience making you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. 



Accessorising the yoga room with beautiful objects is a great way to increase the appeal of the room. Some of the objects that one can use are:

  • Statue of Buddha, a photo of the ocean or a plain white canvas.
  • Floor cushions will add to the décor of your room. Also, you can use these for the meditation session.
  • Plants to purify the air which will be required in your pranayama practice.
  • Fragrant candles, artwork, floor lamps with paper shades and photographs.
  • Use aromatherapy candles or incense sticks to give a great smell to your room.
  • A full-length mirror will help you correct your poses.
  • A sound machine and clock will help you block unpleasant sounds.

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Last Updated: Fri Jun 21 2019

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