Butterfly Symbol At Home Could Bring You Love

Butterfly Symbol At Home Could Bring You Love

Butterfly Symbol At Home Could Bring You Love

Butterflies are a symbol of love and freedom. In some Buddhist stories, the butterfly is treated as Kuan Yin (Goddess of Compassion). As per Lillian Too, Feng Shui practitioner from Malaysia, keeping butterflies at home is great as it invites love in your life. Place the image of the butterfly in the southwest direction for it to work best. 

Best Suited For:

  • Someone who is suffering from depression must keep a butterfly symbol in their home. This is because seeing colourful butterflies can create a soothing effect on your mind.
  • Couples who are just starting their married life. Also, singles can use the image of butterfly to bring love in their life.
  • Individuals who are working on transforming themselves must use the image of a butterfly in their home. Life of a butterfly can easily teach a man that a lot of hard work and perseverance goes in any kind of transformation. 
  • For boosting creativity among artists. The colourful butterflies bring a free flow of energy, inspiring artists to be more creative.

Use Bejewelled Butterfly for Wish Fulfilment

Bejewelled Wish-Fulfilling Butterfly can work for wish fulfilment. These are easily available on different online portals. Great to look at, these bejewelled butterflies have a secret compartment which serves as a wish fulfilling box. Write your wish on a paper and place it inside this box. It is a great item to gift to your loved ones.

Interesting Ways to Include Butterflies

  • Curtains, furniture, screens and cushions with painted, sculpted images of Chinese butterfly is a great way to improve home décor using the image of butterflies.
  • Images and paintings of a butterfly is a cost-effective method for making them a part of your room decor.
  • Butterfly wall decor is a little expensive idea. But, it is a great way to enhance the interiors of your home. The colourful butterfly decoration is a perfect option for bedrooms.

Tip: As per ancient Chinese Feng Shui principles, soft toys, stuffed butterfly decorations, and butterfly-shaped pillows should not be used. 

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Last Updated: Tue May 23 2017

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