Beware Of Commercialised Feng Shui Products In The Market

Beware Of Commercialised Feng Shui Products In The Market

Beware Of Commercialised Feng Shui Products In The Market

It is vital to purchase authentic Feng Shui products. Many times Feng Shui products are of questionable quality and design.  Here's what you should keep in mind:

Be clear about the outcome

The very first thing to keep in mind while buying Feng Shui products is to have a clear vision of your need. What do you want to achieve by purchasing a particular Feng Shui product? For instance, go for a fountain in case you are looking for sound finances. If you are looking for health cures, then go for Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo.

Will it go with your décor scheme

Second, keep in mind whether these Feng Shui products will go with the décor of your home. For instance, if you are thinking to place a fountain in your home, then first decide the place where you want to keep it. After this give due consideration to shape, size and materials of the fountain. Ensure that it goes well with the décor of your home.

Look for authentic Feng Shui products

Keep in mind that you must shop for authentic Feng Shui products only. For instance, Rahul Malhotra, a 35-year-old banker, was experiencing a financial crunch. For improving his financial conditions, he thought of resorting to Feng Shui. He bought a citrine crystal for attracting wealth. He placed it in the Southeast direction for things to work out. But, it did not work came even after months of making these changes. Rahul wondered why things were not working. The reason behind this is that currently the market is flooded with commercialised Feng Shui products.

For instance, a factory produced a yellow coloured glass and sold it as Citrine. This is a fake item having no effect. Similarly, there are fake tortoise, laughing Buddha, dragons, crystal balls and other Feng Shui products available in the market.

Now, the question arises does keeping fake Feng Shui products at home affect the good luck coming your way. The answer to this is yes. Fake Feng Shui products can sometimes do more harm than good. Products that are stolen and then sold to you will certainly bring negativity in your home.  

In the end, it is important to think before you purchase Feng Shui products. For this, look for reliable online sites that can guarantee the authenticity. 

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Last Updated: Wed May 31 2017

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