As Per Feng Shui, You Must Avoid These Home Décor Mistakes

As Per Feng Shui, You Must Avoid These Home Décor Mistakes

As Per Feng Shui, You Must Avoid These Home Décor Mistakes

Styling a house, the feng shui way is a popular trend which is catching up with homeowners all over the world. This 3,000-year-old Chinese philosophical system is believed to have magical effects when applied in all spheres of our life like health, relationships, career and even home décor. The underlining principle here is the attraction of 'Chi', which is an invisible force or life breath.

Most of our home planning efforts are centred around creating an eye-catching and vibrant look. But, a Feng Shui-styled house focuses much more than just this. The concepts aim at welcoming positive energies and dispelling the negatives.

In this article of MakaanIQ, we look at the home décor ideas which are not acceptable in Feng Shui philosophy and so need to be avoided by home owners.

Improper Furniture Orientation

Placing furniture items like beds, chairs or sofas with their backs against doors or windows is considered inappropriate. A minimalistic approach with regards to the furnishings will ensure a free flow of positive Feng Shui energy.

Do not place two mirrors facing each other or a mirror near the front door of the house or near the bed. Hang the mirrors that bring in breath-taking views of nature and scenery.

Scary art or images: Do away with images, paintings or pictures of war, death, strange antique medical paraphernalia, etc.

Cluttered space

Declutter the house, closets and cabinets, by discarding unnecessary items and furniture. Do not allow dishes in kitchen sink or laundry in the basket to pile up. 

Faulty plumbing

Fix drainage problems, leaks and other common plumbing issues encountered at home as they are a direct reflection of your health, personal energy or financial situation.

Spiky plants and wilted flowers 

Dead plants or prickly plants like Cacti (except roses) exude negative energies and bring bad luck. Opt for natural and colourful flowers instead which give away good vibes.

Cracked dishes or mugs

Broken or cracked dishes and chipped mugs indicate troubles and failures in life and they should be replaced with new ones. These items represent wealth and family and need to be handled with care.

Dark hallways, entrances and black doors

Never paint your doors in black as that might invite negative energies and bad luck. Dark paint coats are an attraction, hence look up for alternative options like darker shades of brown, grey, etc.

Light is always associated with wisdom, knowledge and everything that is positive. Make sure the entry to your house is bright and clear by installing nice lighting.

Last Updated: Wed Feb 01 2017

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