Are You Letting Negativity Seep In Your Happy Home?

Are You Letting Negativity Seep In Your Happy Home?

Are You Letting Negativity Seep In Your Happy Home?

Homes do not come cheap, and there is a reason behind that. But, it would be a mistake to think that it is because of the amenities, the construction material, the locality or other such things because of which buying a property is so costly that many of us may not be able to afford the luxury twice in our lifetimes. While the above-mentioned factors do have a major role to play in deciding the cost of housing, the first and foremost thing that predetermines the value of properties is the sense of security that comes along with a home. Would you really be willing to pay the price you paid for the 2BHK apartment that you have if it was all about bricks, cement, steel and glass? Would you really burden yourself with a huge debt (you will be spending the most important years of your life repaying this debt) if it is all about a modular kitchen or a nice park in the vicinity? You would, in all likelihood, not. We may conveniently agree that most of us buy homes with the sole intention of having our own secure piece on this huge scape of land. Going forward, we would be willing to do everything in our capacity to make sure that there are no disturbances to the safety and security of our homes, whatsoever.

For this precise reason, you pay a premium to book an apartment which is in a relatively safer locality. You make sure the building is well-equipped to handle any kind of future disasters. (Having entry and exit points that are manned by security guards 24x7 is the very basic necessity these days. It becomes a butt of joke if a developer mentions this as part of the facilities.)

You also buy a home insurance, and pay and EMI along with the home loan EMI to make sure your property is protected against all odds. You also insure the home loan. In case you are not in a position to repay the amount owing to some unforeseen circumstances, you need not worry as your insurer will take care of things. Again, all this is done with a sole intention of securing the place that secures us and our families. To cut a long story short, everything that you as a homebuyer are doing has a single motive. Considering that, you would not want to be a cause of turning this territory into an insecure zone where any negative sentiments bloom. While you are having a terrible day at work, all you simultaneously think of is the coziness of your bed. You work at a break-neck speed to reach there as soon as possible. We will be exaggerating if we said all your pains subside as soon as you take shelter in your bed, but it would be wrong to undermine the effect that being home would have on you. Soon enough, you would be ready to fight another battle.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case always. The negativity that we carry from outside might get trapped inside of our homes. If it stays there for a longer period, the sense of protection and happiness that you feel inside of your homes may start slipping, by and by. While you may be trying your best to keep the place safe and secure, inadvertently, you may be doing exactly the opposite. Mind you, only by following Vastu or Feng Shui rules, you may not be able to turn your home into a happy place. Some more effort must be put to guard the boundaries of your house, lest negatives energies start sharing it along with you.

Let us now take a conscious call to stop that.

  • We all have our own set or problems to deal with. That is very much a part of our lives. This does not mean staying gloomy at home. Do anything that cheers you up when you are back to the safety of your home. Tomorrow is always another day.
  • Chance is the only constant, and your house needs it to. You do not have to go big or spend a bomb on that. Buying a new wind chime, for instance, is also making a change, and so is planning a new sapping in your kitchen garden.
  • Those entering our homes come with their own set of energies, and spread the same around us. Let us befriend more positive people than negative. Also, having a bitching-and-bickering session along with your friends in your drawing room might be quite gratifying, but the negativity thus generated would not leave the room immediately after.
  • It does cost to host parties often. But, do utilise small occasions to invite close friends and family. The joys thus obtained are pricless. Also, this is instrumental is maintaining the balance of positive against the negative sentiments that might be lingering.

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Last Updated: Wed Jul 19 2017

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