All In The Family: 9 Fun-At-Home Activities To Occupy Young Minds

All In The Family: 9 Fun-At-Home Activities To Occupy Young Minds

All In The Family: 9 Fun-At-Home Activities To Occupy Young Minds
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We all are living an isolated digital life where we tend to overlook the small joy. A laughter-filled evening in the company of your loved ones will soak all your day's tiredness at work. A lot of activities can be planned, especially for those who have children under 12, that would make kids more responsible, help them learn new things in an exciting way.
MakaaniQ lists the ways to turn on the leisure mode and have fun with your family, away from your laptop and mobile phone:
Fun at home activities 1
How about getting your kids versed with small helping techniques in the kitchen and even cooking techniques that are not harmful for them, but fun? Try some quick recipes that do not require the use appliances or cooking gas. This way your children would be away from the things that could be harmful for them but learn quick and interesting stuff as well. Involve them by taking their help in little things, such as passing condiments or utensils to you. To make it fun, how about awarding them with points every time they get you the thing you exactly want. This way they will learn the names of different things used in a kitchen.

Fun at home activities 2
You could start some creative craft activity with your child. For those who have more than one child can form a team and have your own mini-creative competition. Learn to make interesting stuff made of things available at home. To reward your child, you could use the things they make as a decorative piece. You could use clay, paper, paints and canvas to create beautiful things and unleash the true potential of your bundle of joy.

Fun at home activities 3
Who doesn't love those childhood games, even when we grow up? We can't get away from the urge of playing along when we see children playing our favourite childhood game. Be it board games, including ludo, snakes and ladders, business, monopoly or even, scrabble or other games that are played using hands. No harm, play along with your kids and make them learn the spirit of sportsmanship. Teach that while one wins, others lose but there is always a next chance. Make them learn to up their game every time.
Fun at home activities 4
If you are a family of four or five, this activity could be fun. While the first person makes up a story and starts it, the others could follow by adding their bit to it. And, after a while there will a fun story that was created impromptu. This would not only keep everyone involved but also stimulate children's minds as they come up with interesting twists and turns.

Fun at home activities 5
Get your family involved in volunteering activities. For instance, the family together could take up the task of planting 10 saplings at their home. This activity could be done by the family together. Also, you could take up volunteering for donation. Ask your children to collect the things they do not need and let them learn the act of giving. This way they would be sensitive towards their environment and also towards the needy.

Fun at home activities 6
This can be done if you have a terrace or a backyard. Invest in easy-to-install tents depending on your family size and install them in the open. Also, to add to the fun, light a barbeque and a cook your meal. This activity would bring your children closer to their environment and help them to know the importance of electricity and its conservation. Moreover, they will learn to survive in harsh conditions too.
Fun at home activities 7
Along with storytelling, once or twice a week you can also involve your children in book reading. Get hold of the books they understand. This would help them get better at the language and also know the essence of the book. Ask them to point out difficult words so that you could help them understand and better their vocabulary.

Fun at home activities 8
How about some fun and entertaining activities? On a Saturday evening, get everyone together and perform karaoke, dance to some music or even, ask your child to prepare an act of singing, dancing or dramatics. This would help them enhance their entertainment skills and even help them become more vocal about their needs, problems, and happiness.

Fun at home activities 9
Want to have fun with knowledge? Introduce your family to a quiz show. Conduct this once in a month and ask your children to prepare on a subject. This would help them gain overall knowledge by not just studying their text books but also, read newspapers and watch the news. Also, in case they are unable to answer certain questions, you could later sit with them and expand their horizons.

Last Updated: Thu Oct 20 2016

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