A Guide To Home Safety

A Guide To Home Safety

A Guide To Home Safety

Safety is keeping you and your family away from harm and danger. Safety is essential at every step of life and especially, when at home. When it comes to our home, we try to take every possible measure to protect it, both the structure and our valuables inside. While the structure is to be protected from harmful weather conditions, the indoors need to be protected from potential dangers like vandalism or burglary.

To keep you and your family safe, MakaaniQ lists some home safety tips you could put to use:


To keep your rooms safe from, make sure that the curtains or other flammable materials are away from the source of fire like open electrical plugs, wires, switchboards or a fireplace. If you smoke, avoid it while you are on bed as the ashes could fall and the sheets could catch fire easily.


Kitchen is one of the most common areas which are prone to accidents. For cooking, LPG is used in most of the homes. Hence, it is advised to switch off the gas supply when not in use. Periodically check if the rubber tube of your gas is not cracked or leaked. Keep knives and other sharp-edged appliances safely. Do not leave kitchen appliances open when not in use. Exhaust fan and proper ventilation is also a must in the kitchen to protect against accidents.


There should be proper ventilation in the bathrooms. Any electrical appliance like geyser should be away from the wet surface or any water source. Keep your bathroom dry and clean and place bath mats to avoid skidding. Always install non-skid tiles in bathrooms to prevent accidents.


If there is an open balcony in your home, make sure that the railings are at the right height so that children could not climb over it. Also, there should be a large gap between the railings so that a child can pass through it.

Protecting home from burglary

To protect your home from burglary, the first and initial step is to ensure safety via doors and windows. Make sure that the outside windows and the main doors have proper locks. Always keep your lockers, wardrobes and cupboards, where you keep your valuables, locked. Choose the right security system for your home to keep burglars away.

Some generic safety measures that you must practice in your home:

  • Keeping things at their designated place after use help prevent accidents
  • Unused furniture or items should be disposed of or stored properly
  • There should be adequate lighting and proper railing on the staircase
  • Install baby-safe plug cover on sockets which are closer to floor level
  • If there are elderly people at home, then make sure that the furniture arrangement is such to offer easy navigation
Last Updated: Mon Oct 23 2017

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