7 Trends That Make A Millennial's Home

7 Trends That Make A Millennial's Home

7 Trends That Make A Millennial's Home

As India's demographics change, the real estate has seen an all new trend -- The young buying homes. Generation Y or Millennials as we know them, are the people born in the early 1980s, and this is a generation that is now investing in real estate at an early age. In their early 30s, the priority of these couples and even singles is to buy a home of their own. Though many take a home loan for this purchase, they dream of having a home that is their reflection.

So, what is that a millennial looks for when they buy, or design their dream home? MakaaniQ shares:

My style
This is the first prerequisite even before they start looking out for a property. The GenerationY now looks for a home that is their reflection and has all the elements that make it their own. To achieve this, they go to the extent of customising design, structure and even the smallest of decorative in homes. For instance, customised furniture, upholstery and even making bigger changes like removing or adding a wall, changing the way the kitchen is designed, or adding unique elements.
Less is more
The GenY believes in less is more. Minimal embellishments, modular furniture and kitchen, removable or foldable products, that take less space are what millennials look for. Moreover, too many fancies also add to the cost of your home. Also, the more things at home, the more the need to manage and clean them.
For everything that is bought in a millennial's home has to have a purpose. It should be functional and be put to use. Moreover, these also need to be aesthetically appealing, too. For instance, cabinets that have enough storage and add to the beauty of a home are a must-have, so is storage-laden furniture. These need to be durable.
Go green
Millennials are becoming environment-conscious. They want to give back to nature and want to live with it, too. A millennial's home will have things that are environment-friendly, and do not use much electricity or create a need to use electricity. For instance, energy-efficient appliances, battery-operated vehicles, LED lighting and others. They also tend to design their home in such a manner that the energy is used judicially. Also, another way is that this new generation is welcoming nature to their home by planting more and more plants at home inside out and also, by using organic and natural material and fabric which are and can be recycled later.
Minimal care
In this fast-paced world, where work is the priority, home takes a backseat when it comes to taking care of it. In order to keep it in its best shape millennials opt for products, materials and fabrics that need minimal care. Small or large. For instance, roofing, façade and even paints that are durable and require minimal repair or maintenance time to time.
Beautiful inside out
Millennials just not want a home that is beautiful inside but outside too. They believe in the exteriors to be equally welcoming. They aim to put up the best of exteriors with interesting façade, well-designed windows, gardens (if space allows), a well-kept balcony and even outdoor furniture.
A tech world
Technology is their second skin, with mobile phones and laptops on them wherever they go. So, why not use this technology for a smart home, too. A home that is easy to operate using gadgets that could be operated using mobile phones or at a click of the button. Automated doors, automated lighting, automated shelves and even other appliances, they love to invest in them. Moreover, these appliances not only bring down their labour but are also known to help save energy, too. 


Last Updated: Fri Sep 30 2016

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