7 Essentials Your Bedroom Must Have

7 Essentials Your Bedroom Must Have

7 Essentials Your Bedroom Must Have
Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary where you read, rejuvenate, sleep and dream. Photos: dreamstime

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary where you read, rejuvenate, sleep and dream. You make this cozy den as comfortable as you can, but there are certain tweaks, if practiced, can make your room a restful retreat. MakaanIQ shares some ideas to make your bedroom dreamy, luxurious and classy.


pillows (1)
Pillows are an essential part of your bedroom. The more the merrier. Keep some extra pillows on your bed to make it look more comfortable. The number of pillows depends on the size of your bed, though, you can generally keep one to six. However, make sure not to keep so many of them that you can't get enough space to sleep.


rug (2)
The beds you choose are selected with care and comfort. Similarly, give some thought to the rug you choose for your room. Getting up early morning and stepping on the hard, cold floor is not liked by many. Give your room a comfortable, beautifully contrasted rug which will also help your feet to get a cosy base.


Apart from the bed, your bedroom should have other pieces of furniture as well where someone can sit. Ottomans, chair or bench -- get a seating arrangement as per the size of your room. An extra seating furniture is essential to offer you a personal zone where you can sit and have a conversation with your partner or can enjoy a cuppa.


nightstand (1)
Your bed should not be a place to keep all your belongings. Always keep a nightstand which can accommodate your essentials such as books, phone or glasses. Keeping a lamp on the side-table is also essential to get some light while you in the bed and do not want to get up to switch on the main light.


A bedroom cannot be complete without sleep and for a cosy, comfortable sleep, you need to have a comfortable mattress. A good mattress is not only required for a peaceful sleep, it is also essential for giving you a great lumbar support. Investing in a comfortable tufted mattress is a wise decision as a good mattress can stay as long as 10 to 15 years.


A most important bedroom essential is having peace in the room. Try to make your bedroom an electronics-free zone and keep these appliances in your living room or office. You can make it more peaceful by having fine drapes and dim lights.

Things that make you happy

things you love
Your bedroom should have all the things that make you feel good. Keep things in the bedroom you are passionate about and enjoy. It is purely your personal preference that you want to add in your bedroom. Things that makes you happy are essential to grow the positivity in you.


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Organising your bedroom for a peaceful night


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