5 Ways To Let Your Guests Feel Comfortable At Your Home

5 Ways To Let Your Guests Feel Comfortable At Your Home

5 Ways To Let Your Guests Feel Comfortable At Your Home

Ritika Vasudeva, 37, had invited her extended family and friends for a week of enjoyment and merriment at her home. The challenge? “My initial worry was that it was a weeklong affair, would I be able to keep everyone happy and entertained? Will they be able to use limited resources at home? Will it be inconvenient for them?” she says.  

How was Vasudeva able to tackle this?

Formally informal

We all like a certain discipline in life and may not want others to disturb that peace. At the same time we wouldn't want to make things difficult for others, too. While guests are on an informal visit, there tends to be a formal aspect to it. But, you can try making things comfortable for them. Make sure that all the spaces they are supposed to use is open for them and convenient to use. If it is your sitting room, ensure it look spacious and welcoming.

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I wish I didn't have to ask for this

Keep your washrooms clean and dry. If you are expecting guests, stock it up with needful toiletries so that they do not have to ask you for a towel, soap, a brush, toothpaste or even bathroom slippers. We expect long stay guests to bring these along. However, at times it doesn't happen that way and they may even be embarrassed to ask you for such utilities. If you truly want your guests to enjoy your home, pump up your stock.

Personal space

No matter where you are — a hotel, a faraway land or at a host's, nobody likes to compromise on one's personal space. As you deck up a bedroom or a balcony for your guests, make sure you respect that space. Do not barge in at your convenience. Get to know your guests better. Do they like to go into the kitchen first thing in the morning for a cup of tea? Do they enjoy morning walks or a reading room? Make sure all such spaces where your guests frequent are usable. Show them around to make them used to the change.

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Entertainment should be easy

So guests are home for fun and while you may not want too much of noise at your home, do let guests know that they should feel comfortable using your balcony for a game of chess, or your lawn for badminton. If you do not mind them using your home theatre, computer let them know that too. The point is to let them feel free to have fun. 

Kids zone

Kids could be a very big deal. Yes, they are unpredictable and while their parents may be calm and composed, you can't guarantee the same for their children. Therefore, if you are welcoming children at home, make sure you have earmarked a private space for children. Even when kids are indoors, make sure they have ample space to play or park themselves. You may not want many kids turning your living room messy. Allot them the space to let them be what they are – kids! This will help their parents to feel at ease as well.

Last Updated: Wed Nov 07 2018

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