5 Ways To Ensure Your Bedroom Is Comfortable

5 Ways To Ensure Your Bedroom Is Comfortable

5 Ways To Ensure Your Bedroom Is Comfortable

There has been a clear shift in debates revolving around lifestyles. In the yester years, the mantra of success, they said, was in getting up early. Today, whether you would succeed or not totally depends on whether you get to have a sound sleep or not. In our modern lives, work pressure is so intense that it is only natural to lose sleep over them. To make matters worse, lack of sleep can also be more detrimental to your skill sets and energy levels than you might have estimated initially. Not to mention the fact, this will also disturb your physical health and personal life.

In short, how well you sleep depends how prepared you are for that. Now, how do you turn your bedroom into a territory that easily induces sleep and acts as a paradise where no worries can enter?

Here are five little tricks that might help you.

The wanted burden

Aren't you fond of those fancy pillows and cushions? As a matter of fact, most of the space on your bed is occupied by these items. In our attempt to make our bed look good, cosy and stylish at the same time, we often forget the basic purpose of the bed – it is a piece of furniture for you to be able to sleep. And, too many articles lying here and there might actually fiddle with the basic purpose of this furniture. So, let us just keep only those cushions and pillows that are actually needed to enable a good sleep.

The color code

You pick a paint of your choice to colour your walls, but your personal choices may also fiddle with your sleep. For instance, if you have picked bright and dark colours to paint your bedroom, you might find it difficult to sleep easily. Deep hues of black, blue or red, for example, may cause anxiety and lead to a lack of sleep. Experts are of the opinion that only light shades should be used in your bedroom.  

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No tech talk here

You are an important person as far as your workplace is concerned and need to be constantly on phone to monitor your work. So much so, that you keep your phone close to you while you sleep lest you miss any calls while you are busy sleeping. A regular practice of this will, however, do more harm to you and to your work than you can imagine. You turn up in office the next day all dreary because of lack of sleep. This will most likely spoil your day at office. Hence, there should be some exclusive time allotted for sleep and no interruptions should be entertained during this period.

The calming effect

All of us have bad days at work. In fact, there might be times when we might feel downcast without a reason. But, we do not want to go to our bed with this feeling. And, if we do, we are sure not to sleep a wink. A better way to deal with this would be calm our minds before we hit the bed after the end of a bad day. Play a game with your family, listen to music, do some light exercises or practice meditation, do anything of your choice to calm your nerves. While these may not end all your troubles, they will surely act as a distraction for the time being. Tomorrow, after all, is a new day.

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No noisy business

Keeping disturbing sound at bay is another perfect method to induce sound sleep. For this reason, keep your phone on the silent mode, turn off electronic equipment that need not remain switched on. Do check that all the taps in your kitchen and your bathroom are firmly closed and no leaking sound is coming your way to disturb you. Get things fixed if the bedroom door makes those creaky sounds each time it is being shut or opened.

Here is another little tip. You do not really need an alarm clock to mercilessly wake you up from your sleep. Your brain is duly equipped to send you a signal right before you are expected to wake up. Try depending on the latter.  

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Last Updated: Mon Sep 24 2018

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