5 Ways To Deal With Noisy Neighbours, Peacefully

5 Ways To Deal With Noisy Neighbours, Peacefully

5 Ways To Deal With Noisy Neighbours, Peacefully

If you are living in an apartment or a row house scheme, you may experience that a neighbour or a neighbourhood family is noisier than others. At times, the decibel levels get so high that they affect your sleep, work or even your child's studies. You want to get rid of this problem, but you would not want to upset anyone or pick fights. What will you do?

MakaanIQ lists some ways in which to deal with such a neighbour in a peaceful and effective manner:

Communicate directly through walls

There are times when there is a get-together at your neighbour's residence and it does not let you sleep at night. To avoid any unpleasant conversation by walking to his door in the middle of the night, a knock on the wall, from where the noise is coming, can be useful. And sometimes, it can be an effective way to tell your neighbours that they need to lower their voices. 

Make a little noise of your own

Another fun way of telling your neighbours to pull down the volume is to create some noise of your own. How about raising the volume of your television or music system, or even switching on a noisy exhaust or any other appliance? It is an effective way of creating a background noise to let your neighbour know their decibel levels.

Discuss it with your neighbour

Talk it out like adults. Often, several problems can be solved by some effective conventional communication. Go and approach your neighbour calmly and discuss your issues. Sometimes, what is noisy to you could be normal to others. They may not know how it is affecting you. So, politely share with them how you are getting affected by the noise that they make.

React strategically

If the talking does not work and the noise does not stop, or the neighbour simply denies he is causing any problem, react wisely. Think about involving your landlord or the society management. A third party could help resolve the issue calmly by hearing both sides. 

Contact the management authorities

If a third-party involvement doesn't work, don't panic. That is why there is building management. Inform the landlord or the authorities concerned about your issue. They will send a formal notice to the tenants intimating them about anonymous complaints and disturbances that they create. The notice might also notify them that they are violating the society rules and regulations and would instruct them to keep the noise levels to a minimum.

Last Updated: Thu Mar 02 2017

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