5 Ways To Wipe Off Negative Energy From Your House

5 Ways To Wipe Off Negative Energy From Your House

5 Ways To Wipe Off Negative Energy From Your House
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All of us invest in a house made of bricks and then try to turn it into a home full of positive energy and happiness with our actions. Markets are full of good luck charms, Feng Shui artifacts, Vastu trinkets which all claim to boost the positive energies in our homes while keeping negative energies away. However, it is more important to understand that due attention paid in maintaining what lies within the house — your apathy to existing household items has a bigger role to play in creating negative vibes.

Here are five easy ways to rid your home of negative energies:

Keep that bathroom dry

Your bathroom is an area where water is used in excess. And, it is only common sense that it must be constructed in such a way that the waste water is drained out effectively. Houses, where the drainage system is weak, might turn into gloomy zones while affecting the overall health of the family members. Vastu says building bathrooms on an elevated base could be an effective way to ensure that the area remains dry. A good quality fan should also help keep away the foul smell. A dry and clean washroom area would be a pest-free zone too.

Keep those windows open

Windows allow pests entry into our homes. So, to be safe than sorry, we most often keep our windows closed. In fact, in modern air-conditioned houses, there is hardly any place for windows—most of the times, they are only used for decorative purposes. This, per Vastu, has a negative impact on your emotional health. Whatever negative energies we bring home from outside must find their vent, and a closed window would only obstruct it.

Keep the mirrors clean

You adorned your home with big mirrors with an aim to dazzle the visitors with your choice of sparkling beauty. By and by, your passion for them subsided as new décor items consumed a large part of your attention. One fine day you observe a thick coat of dust on the frame and across the mirror and got all riled up on your domestic help for not doing her job with responsibility. Dirty and chipped mirrors have the potential to cause great damage to your inter-personal relationship with other family members, says Vastu.

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Let there be light

Many of us prefer the bulb over the sun. Even during the day, we would like to close the doors, draw the curtains, switch on the lights and indulge ourselves in our favourite recreational activity --- reading, listening to music, practicing yoga, etc. We often do this to avoid the noise coming from outside. However, we do need the sun and its light to grow in life. Vastu says that sunlight signifies growth, development and success, and the lack of it would induce health problems such as depression, migraine, and laziness. Also, lack of sunlight would result into your home becoming more attractive to pests.

Get rid of the clutter

According to the ancient tradition of Yoga, we carry our emotional baggage on your shoulders. If we do not de-stress ourselves, any emotional baggage would later transform into severe ailments. Same is true of our homes, too. The clutter we accumulate over the years should go out, and this must be done not only to create space for new things. De-cluttering your home has a much deeper impact. Sticking to things that have stopped functioning or lost their relevance implies you are trying the hinder the natural growth process. This could be a cause of great gloom.

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Last Updated: Fri Jun 17 2022

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