Are You Starting Your New Life On a Solid Ground?

Are You Starting Your New Life On a Solid Ground?

Are You Starting Your New Life On a Solid Ground?

It is only once in your life ─ well, in most cases ─ that one gets married. We want the celebrations involving the occasion to be nothing less than grand. In our attempts to outdo others and create memories that would last a lifetime, we may often get carried away and money would be flown like water.  While you and your parents combine the finances to bear the expenses it may not be sufficient. There are also cases where the parents or the groom/bride have to take a loan to fund the grand occasion. Invariably, no serious thought is ever given to the fact that this money — and the loan — could have been used more wisely, and, to a better use.

Sample this.

Sana Hussain and Javed Khan had a great wedding. The two work in the IT sector and live in a rented accommodation in Bengaluru. A year after the marriage when the couple starting thinking about buying a roof over their heads, each realised that the other had taken a personal loan to bear the expenses of the wedding. In case they go for a home loan, a large part of their monthly income would be spent in repaying the dual loans, and life would become quite pressing in the early years of their marriage. The two agreed that they do not want to stress their newly married life with financial burdens. A decision was taken to defer the home-buying plan till both are done repaying the personal loan. They do rue the fact that a great deal of borrowed money was spent to impress people with a great wedding.

It would be wrong to say it is only the people involved — the bride and the groom— who do not pay attention to this fact. Parents are found equally responsible.

When Rachit Gupta, a 27-year-old marketing professional, told his parents that he wants a simple wedding, and that they budget his parents have for the wedding should be spent in planning the future after the marriage, his father was shocked. Gupta comes from Kanpur and lives in Delhi on rent. He hopes to buy a residence for himself before the wedding takes place. He is of the view that a simple wedding would mean there is enough money to make a down-payment. His father, however, would not have any of his “smart talk”. We are a part of the society, and we have to follow certain customs. Modern education had played tricks on his mind and he seemed not to be having any respect for the society and tradition, Gupta was told by his angry father in response to his petition.  Even if daddy had to take a loan, he would not have his guests think that he resorted to penny-pinching in his only son's wedding.  The wedding was indeed impressive, but we would soon see Gupta and his new bride worrying about a house.

There is no doubt that the couple will soon be successful in booking a house for themselves. Their combined forces would be used to achieve the goal. However, would it not be better if the likes of Khans and Guptas could start their new lives on a more solid footing?

Last Updated: Thu Jul 20 2017

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