15 Or 30 Years: Which Is The Ideal Home Loan Tenure?

15 Or 30 Years: Which Is The Ideal Home Loan Tenure?

15 Or 30 Years: Which Is The Ideal Home Loan Tenure?

Home loans are now considered to be the key instrument of financing a property purchase. However, the nuances of homeĀ loanĀ often confuse the homebuyers, especially the tenure that they should choose. Some of the questions that homebuyers have on their mind are ā€“ What is the ideal tenure for theĀ loan? Or, how interest rate and monthly installments will be impacted?

How homeĀ loanĀ tenure impacts your EMIsĀ 

How to choose a home loan tenure

HomeĀ loanĀ tenure is the period for which aĀ homebuyer is bound to repay the entireĀ loanĀ amount with interest to the lender. TheĀ loansĀ offered by banks comes with customised tenures starting from 15 years and going upto 30 years. Few banks also offer a tenure as low as 10 years while others lenders refrain for such short period as the profit margin for them in short termĀ loanĀ is less.

Which is better- Reduce EMI or Tenure?Ā 

Equated monthly installments or EMIs are decided based on the tenure of your home loan. The tenure also determines the total interest amount you will be paying. Since the banks compound interest annually, the interest amount would be higher for a long-term home loan. However, the installments for a 15-year tenure would be more than what you would be paying for aĀ loanĀ of 30 years.

Consider this. For a Rs 50-lakhĀ loanĀ at an interest rate of nine per cent for 30 years, the EMI amount would be Rs 40,200, whereas, for a 15-yearĀ loanĀ at the same interest rate and sameĀ loanĀ amount, the EMI amount would be a little higher.Ā 


15-yearĀ loanĀ period

30-yearĀ loanĀ period


Rs 50, 700

Rs 40, 200

Total Interest

Rs 41,28,399

Rs 94,83,207

Total Payment

(Principal + Interest)

Rs 91,28,399

Rs 1,44,83,207

Looking at the above table, an excess of Rs 10,000 per month can bring down your loan tenure by 15 years and also, keep you away from the heavy interest repayment. A 15-year margin in the homeĀ loanĀ tenure can help you save upto Rs 50 lakh (as per the example).

However, since the house mortgage is the cheapest in the Indian homeĀ loanĀ sector, there are various other avenues where this excess of money can be invested to reap a better profit. For instance, according to current market conditions, a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of three years can help you earn up to 25 per cent of returns annually. Though mutual funds are subject to market risk, the lowest of interest rate is still 12 per cent, higher than the interest rate you would be paying for your homeĀ loan. Another downside of writing off your homeĀ loanĀ early is the fact that the benefits of income tax rebate will cease to exist.

Golden rule to follow when taking a home loan

Ā A home buyer can take the benefits of a 30-year tenure and work towards prepaying the loan in 15 years through part payment at a regular interval, assuming there is no prepayment penalty. The part payment can be used to pay off principal amount, ultimately bringing down the interest component in your installment.Ā 

Last Updated: Wed Aug 07 2019

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