What Is The Cost Of Living In Gurgaon?

What Is The Cost Of Living In Gurgaon?

What Is The Cost Of Living In Gurgaon?

What is the cost of living in Gurgaon for couple, family, bachelors? On the basis of the cost of buying or renting a home, cost involved in commuting to and fro workplace, cost of household utilities, childcare costs and more, cost of living in Gurgaon ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 2 lakh. MakaanIQ compiles detailed list of prices in Gurgaon for food, housing, transportation, hangouts, living rental cost in residential areas of Gurgaon and calculates actual cost of living in the city.

Cost of Living in Gurgaon City

Expense ItemAverage Cost
2BHK on rent₹ 20,000
Cost of 2BHK₹ 75.11 lacs
Local travel ( monthly pass for train)₹ 750-2,000
Electricity, Water, Garbage for apartment₹ 4,317.34/td>
Cost of pre-school/ kindergarten₹ 5,000-15,000
Maid (cook, clean)₹ 7,000
Petrol₹ 69.25
Cost of 1 meal in inexpensive restaurant (per person)₹ 300
Lifestyle₹ 10,000
Miscellaneous (water tankers, repair costs per month)₹ 3,000 onwards
Groceries₹ 6,000

What researches say about Gurgaon

Early this year, Gurgaon or Gurugram bagged a dismal 88th position out of 111 cities that were surveyed for The Ease Of Living Index by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Among cities in the National Capital Region (NCR), Gurgaon was at a bad spot given that even Faridabad managed the 82nd spot. However, not all is bad. Gurgaon did manage to fare well in terms of access to public open spaces, reduced pollution and even housing and inclusiveness. What took a backseat included healthcare, governance and even power supply. Experts are of the opinion that the authorities must focus on basics like public transport rather than on construction of flyovers.

Gurgaon obtained a spot in India’s first ever liveability index that was launched by the government early this year. On the basis of various factors, Gurgaon will be compared to 115 other cities which will then help understand where it stands. Haryana had initially referred only Faridabad and Karnal for the Centre’s liveability index.

Rent an apartment in Gurgaon

Given the different segments of society that Gurgaon caters today, finding a house on rent in Gurgaon is not difficult. Residential properties on rent range between Rs 10,000 to Rs 7-10 lakh per month depending on the kind of amenities you are looking at. Localities that are aspirational command a premium. As per data with Makaan.com, popular localities for rent include Patel Nagar, Palam Vihar, Sector 17, 24, 25, 28 and Suncity.

Buy an apartment in Gurgaon

Housing demand in Gurgaon has always remained healthy even when most active markets registered a slump over the last few years. Popular localities for sale in Gurgaon are the same as ones for rent and homebuyers in Gurgaon reserve the maximum budget for a purchase here than any other micro-market in the NCR region.

High-end properties in Gurgaon Sector 55, Sector 70-A, Sector 63, Sector 85 Sector 88, etc can go up to Rs 10 crore.

Local travel in Gurgaon

Public transport in Gurgaon is not up to the mark and you will find more and more corporates and techies using private vehicles or cabs daily. This pushes your cost of living in Gurgaon. Numbeo estimates that you will have to spend anywhere between Rs 750-2,000 per month for your local travel. This is the minimum value and may vary depending on how far or how much you travel daily to and fro work.

Household utility cost

Numbeo estimates electricity, water and garbage handling charges for residential properties to be anywhere between Rs 2,500-7,340 per month.

Childcare cost in Gurgaon

To calculate childcare cost in Gurgaon, it would be necessary to understand the kind of schooling and training you want to provide your child. The minimum you would be spending on a toddler who is ready for pre-school is Rs 5,000 per month but costs could go up to Rs 15,000 per month for a reputed facility, the highest in the country. An international-standard school in Gurgaon will cost you anywhere between Rs 1-4 lakh per annum.

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