Want To File A Complaint With DDA? Use Social Media

Want To File A Complaint With DDA? Use Social Media

Want To File A Complaint With DDA? Use Social Media

Where do you run if you have to file a complaint about a civic issue? To the Resident Welfare Associations? Or to the Authority’s office? Well, you needn't run or form groups at all if you are displeased with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). The Authority has now marked its presence on social media and is giving out details on latest developments. Yes, starting May 5 this year, the DDA has made its debut on both Facebook as  DDAofficial and on Twitter as @official_DDA.

According to official sources, it was for long in the pipeline and it was on the direction of Urban Minister Hardeep Singh Puri. The day to day management of these social media handles is controlled by an agency which gets back to the DDA for official replies. The main purpose to feature on Twitter and Facebook was to have the public healthily participate, suggest and give feedback.

Public suggestions, feedback and complaints have poured in ever since the DDA’s digital debut. At present, the Authority is busy posting information about the Delhi Master Plan 2021.

The new way of addressing grievances

The DDA is just one of the debutants. In fact, other municipal corporation offices have also gone social to address grievances effectively or at least lend an ear to the masses who are eying correction. In Hyderabad for example, the municipal administration and urban development department have also resolved to interact with the masses online and look into issues in real time. Reportedly, Municipal Administration Principal Secretary Arvind Kumar, while reviewing the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has asked the officials to solve such issues speedily and post photos of work done. All other related departments have also been asked to follow suit.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is also active and is engaged in creating repositories and participatory activities for citizens and strict guidelines have been given to the team that manages the PMC’s social media handle.

You can find the PMC on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, its personal blog and YouTube as well.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) went a step ahead to launch its mobile app as also a WhatsApp helpline number. Soon after the monsoons, the authority was pulled up for its mismanagement of civic issues such as roads that developed craters and broker paver blocks and not just these. About 320 complaints were received on WhatsApp. Although the BMC had undertaken extensive monsoon-proofing of 522 roadworks, Mumbaikars sought more help.

 Likewise, many other authorities are going online, trying to fine tune their grievance redressal methods.  

Last Updated: Thu Jul 05 2018

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