Violators To Bear Cost Of Building Demolition In Gurgaon

Violators To Bear Cost Of Building Demolition In Gurgaon

Violators To Bear Cost Of Building Demolition In Gurgaon

Those who built homes years back ignoring land-use norms in the Millennium City are now facing a double whammy. Not only would such offenders see their prized possession demolished but also have to pay authorities to bring down their homes.

In a first, the Department of Town and Country Planning has identified over 110 such properties for demolition ─ these properties were demolished before 2008. Together, the owners of these properties owe about Rs 29 lakh to the department. The agency will now send recovery notices to owners of these units to pay the cost incurred in the demolition process. While some of these properties are located at established localities such as DLF Phase-II, others are in developing pockets such as Sohna and Pataudi.

Since the pending dues will keep reflecting in the property records of these owners, they will also not be able to sell their assets.

It is worth mention here that urban planning authorities spend great amounts of money every year in carrying out demolition drives—the one going on in the national capital is an example of that.  To say the least, demolition, invariably, is a thankless job.

Not only do those carrying out the task expose themselves to public wrath, the exercise is also highly likely to end into a wild goose chase for them. 

A demolition process would, without a fail, involve a lot of resistance from the people at the receiving end. Of all things almost-impossible to deal with in the world of urban planning, handling public unrest can easily top the list.

The reasons for this could be many, but the end result is that developed schemes made on paper remain there for a long time and then vanish into thin air.

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Last Updated: Tue Jun 19 2018

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